The best writing apps to write anywhere using iPad

Do you love writing on the move? There are many writing apps you can use for writing on an iPad. There is no need always to have your laptop. iPads and even the old ones have enough memory and power for these writing apps. I use the on-screen keyboard on an iPad to purchase dissertation for my college needs. If you don’t have one, you can buy it from any shop outlet near you.

When choosing a writing app, decide on features that you will need. The premium apps have more features. The iPad writing process requires a Wi-Fi connection for easy saving of the work done. Most writing apps save the work on iPad and sync the files when you have an internet connection. The following are the best writing apps you can use on an iPad.

Apple Pages

The apple pages are the best and easiest solutions on laptops and iPad. Apple pages have book templates that aid in writing. They also have essay and articles templates that you can use. It’s easy to begin writing on your laptop and continue where you stopped writing on an iPad. Apple pages save and sync the writing on the iCloud account.

When you choose apple pages, you receive free five gigabytes of storage. You also get a free iCloud account to enable you to save your written work.

Microsoft word

The app store offers free apps, including Microsoft word. Though basic, Microsoft word will enable you to easily write and edit your files.


A dropbox account can save your word files and sync your files on an iPad rental and other devices.

The LivingWriter

The LivingWriter software is a premium program with a free trial. It’s a new program for writing that authors use. The program’s simplicity has made its fame rise very fast. You can use it in writing right away because it’s super easy. Going deep into the program, you will access vital tools that will help you write your book. The LivingWriter app has an app for iPad. The price for this program is USD8 per month, or you take the yearly offer of USD96.

The Scrivener

It’s a popular writing and book publishing program. Though it’s a tough program to learn, it has plenty of features and tools. The features and tools will aid you to research, write, organize and even publish a book.

The program is common on laptops and PCs, but it has an iPad app. The app will allow you to do the writing anytime and anywhere. The program has a free 30-day trial period, and you won’t pay the annual subscription.

It has a premium version paid for once. The charges for this program are USD47 for the PC or Mac license and USD19.99 for the iOS app.

Google Docs

The favorable program for content and article writers after MS Word is Google Docs. Though most common on laptops, the program has an iPad app. The app has all favorite features that aids in writing, checking, and editing. In addition, it’s a free program to use.

WPS Office Suite

The program is free and easy if you have ever used Microsoft word or google docs. It’s a free program with standard features compatible with common word processor extensions. It has a perfect feature that allows the dragging and dropping of paragraphs. It also has a tabbed documents feature, and there is no need to keep opening new windows.

Grammarly keyboard

It’s a more popular program for checking grammar. When using writing on an iPad, you can use the Grammarly-free keyboard app. The app suits both the premium and free users, but it’s not extensive as the computer version.


There are many apps for the best UK essay writing service. Don’t get bored on your office desk to write. Get an iPad and do the writing from anywhere.