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Livebeam streaming platform shares our view on streaming as a new type of entertainment. The Internet has opened up an unlimited number of possibilities for all of us. At first, it turned out that you can communicate anywhere and with anyone, without borders and restrictions using Livebeam. Then it turned out that you can share everything that matters through social media and blogs. And then millions of people took up cameras and started filming vlogs, videos and funny coubs. But this did not become the final point in the development of communications. The next step is a new entertainment called streaming. Livebeam is one of the streaming services.

Streaming has long ceased to be the prerogative of gamers and has become a real trend of the new time. According to DonationAlerts, almost every second Internet user (over 45% of respondents) watches streams from time to time or spends them himself. Even media personalities are actively joining the ranks of streamers.

Advertisers gained access to a new platform to promote their products, and more than half of Russian streamers use broadcasts as a source of income.

The popularity of streaming has been slowly but steadily increasing lately. Surely your colleagues, classmates or friends talked about their favorite streamers or how much time they spend watching streams.

Over the past 12 months, many well-known influencers, gamers, and content creators have amassed millions of followers on streaming platforms like Twitch. And during this time, several records were set in terms of the number of viewers (we are talking about hundreds of thousands).

Most of those who are not familiar with streaming think that this is only about games. A couple of years ago, it may have been that way but today it’s completely different. Yes, most of the streams in the world are still related to games and gambling area, but many other topics have become relevant and discussed. Livebeam is one of streaming platforms that offer not only game streaming.

  • Livebeam: What Is Streaming

To understand the phenomenon of popularity, it is worthwhile to understand exactly what streaming is. This is both entertainment, and earnings, and an opportunity to prove yourself and show a wide audience. Streaming is live broadcasting with the ability to actively interact with the audience here and now. Let’s take a simple example. You go to the nearest mall where you are going to shop. You turn on the camera and start broadcasting the stream. You share with the public what prices are for groceries today, what is worth buying, and what you think is best left on the shelves. You communicate and answer questions creating a friendly atmosphere and community with your audience. At one time, computer games became the basis for streaming. Professional gamers and fans recorded videos about how they go through this or that game or fight its certain level. Gradually, they began to move from recording to live broadcasts. For gamers, it was doubly exciting because you can not only play the game or watch the streamer plays but also give advice, share emotions, and receive feedback. But gaming is only part of streaming. Today you can shoot streams on any topic and collect thousands of fans. Today, even world-famous stars make streams to stir up interest in their person or share new premieres, news and plans.

  • Livebeam: Why Is It Worth to Become a Streamer?

Livebeam has several ideas to prove to you that streaming is a cool way to entertain yourself.

#1. Pandemic

Now is the right time for the streaming era. Due to isolation in countries around the world, people have to stay at home and do everything without leaving the door.
Setting up a home office and training at home helped many in some way but other needs remained unmet. Not everyone was able to keep in touch with friends and family through Zoom or other video messengers and many began to look for an alternative that would allow them to communicate with others on the Internet. And someone was looking for entertainment in a variety of forms that you could spend your free time on, and not only Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and the porn industry made good profits from this.

For many, streams at Livebeam have become a new entertainment. After all, in this case, you can not only observe how others play or react to something but also interact with the streamer and other viewers.

Many people took advantage of the opportunity to conduct online events instead of regular ones, which also increased the popularity of streaming. The entire world is still in some kind of isolation and desperate for a vaccine to resolve the global crisis.
In the meantime, the best times have not come and it is impossible to meet physically, you should seize the moment – start streaming on your favorite topic and make money on it.

#2. Influencers

Over the past decade, gaming and e-sports have made streaming a form of interactive entertainment more presentable. As mentioned above, when the pandemic broke out, influencers with huge audiences saw this trend and in addition to YouTube and Instagram took to Twitch and their viewers followed them.
If you have a lot of followers on Instagram, and you suddenly start a stream, and invite your audience to follow it in Stories, many will do it. So if you are known and trusted by millions of people, many of them will follow your call and eventually become subscribers to the streaming platform.
Therefore, if you already have a formed personal brand, it is worth registering as a streamer and become even closer to your subscribers. Well-known public figures (rappers, musicians, artists, show hosts, singers, etc.) have discovered the opportunity to get closer to their fans during these difficult times, when it became almost impossible to go to a performance.

#3. A solid foundation for your community

As stated, streaming at Livebeam is both a new form of entertainment and an opportunity to stay connected with the community. People love to be entertained – it can even be called a necessity.

After all, otherwise, artists, musicians, athletes, comedians, etc. would not have been paid millions of dollars for performances. Live performances and other similar events have been around for decades. But this format does not allow you to maintain close contact with the audience and directly communicate with subscribers in the chat.  In the case of streaming, so-called parasocial relationships are often observed. This means that viewers of the broadcast have the impression that they are quite close to you (the streamer), although in real life you have never met.

And it goes far enough: famous streamers say that they are greeted on the street by complete strangers who speak as if they are best friends.

  • Livebeam: Where to Start If You Want to Go in for Streaming

Of course, if you are a million-audience blogger or a popular person on Instagram, the best solution would be to stream on your native platform. But for those who are just starting out, the best option would be to communicate in online chats. Many of them, such as Livebeam, have the ability to manage video chats. And this is actually a ready-made option for streaming like Livebeam. Therefore, you can easily practice in just such a chat in order to learn how to work with the audience, win the hearts of chat participants and attract them to watch your streams. And then in case you really like this kind of entertainment, you can already move on to more popular platforms. Who knows, suddenly there is a mega-successful streamer at Livebeam hiding inside you, who will make it not just a fan, but his life’s work?

Livebeam is your window to the world of streaming. Livebeam is a streaming & social discovery platform to e-meet strangers that make you beam from ear to ear. Do not hesitate to give Livebeam a try. Open the door to communication across cultures, and find out what a different social web might look like.

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