Mobile Work: How to Become a Cellphone Technician

If you’re looking to develop transferable skills that are in demand, you should consider mobile repair work. As cellphones become more advanced, people need more help in using and fixing them.

Whether you want to incorporate these skills for a side hustle or your own business, becoming a cellphone technician is a great way to earn income. To help get your foot in the door, here’s how you can become a cellphone technician.


There isn’t a set amount of education that you need to become a cellphone technician. But, most businesses require that you have at least an associate’s degree or a GED.

When choosing a major, consider a computer science or electronics repair degree. If there’s a major in a related field that covers electrical fundamentals or computer repair for software, that would also be appropriate.

You can also take offline and online courses dedicated only to phone repair. These courses offer certifications and coach you in how to diagnose and repair problems related to mobile devices.

DIY Phone Repair Training

You can also try to teach yourself phone repair. There are many videos on YouTube and plenty of books and tutorials that you can spend hours working through.

You can study to take the CompTIA A+ and Certified iOS technician, which is a standard certification for cellphone technicians.

The downside of training yourself without professional help is that you’ll have to buy your own tools and practice devices. If you’re tech-savvy and already have a background in cellphone technology, this may be the best route for you.

Skills and Certification

The best cellphone technicians have strong interpersonal skills to communicate with customers. It’s imperative to know how to discuss technical problems and repairs with people who have little knowledge about technology.

Troubleshooting and technology expertise is also imperative. If you’re planning on running your own business, it’s good to have bookkeeping knowledge related to costs charged, materials used, and hours worked.

The certifications required to be a cellphone technician varies. But, certifications will increase your chances of being hired and the salary you’re likely to receive.

Consider looking into certificates provided by manufacturers or national organizations. A good example would be

Certificates provided by national organizations will be more general, while those provided by manufacturers will be more niche.

Now You Know How You Can Become a Cellphone Technician

These are all the ways you can become a cellphone technician. Regardless of the type of training you undergo, you’ll want to do your research before enrolling in any courses. Be sure to read reviews and consider asking those in the tech field what they would recommend.

The more trained you become as a cellphone technician, the more valuable you will be as an employee. This will directly result in more pay!

So, why procrastinate any longer? Start your path towards becoming a cellphone technician today!

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