3 Software for Call Centers You Need to Know About

In today’s digitally driven world, consumers often prefer to contact customer support services over the phone. Why so? Well, it may be urgency or the familiarity of holding a conversation with a real person. Besides, doing so fosters trust between a customer and the customer service representative. However, handling phone support services can be significantly challenging for many businesses expanding their operations and growth.

Businesses need robust software for call centers that help the customer service teams to do their best work, and thus deliver exceptional customer support.

The best software for call centers is designed to direct calls to operators, offers additional context to staff, and supports the management in making better decisions in terms of customer journey and experience and recognising improvement areas.

Top Software for Call Centers To Look Out For

The primary goal of innovative software for call centers is to reduce operating costs, which necessitates automation. Such solutions are designed to boost the efficiency of customer service functions and deliver a superior Customer Experience (CX) to those who communicate with your business.

Be it call recording, queuing, call transfers, or Interactive Voice Response (IVR), there are several features offered for call center applications. Besides, such software for call centers is also user-friendly and ensures seamless integration as they’re very easy to set up.

To help guide your decision and make it easy for you to choose the best available software for call centers, we have listed some of the most effective and popular options below.

  1. Integra

Integra provides an interactive voice response system, also known as IVR, which enables businesses to answer fewer calls by enabling customers to automatically resolve issues. Some of its key features include:

  • Less human interaction
  • Instead of customers waiting in the call queue, the IVR provides standard immediate responses to the customers.
  • Various options for callers regarding queries or issues based on which the IVR either addresses the customer or connects the caller to an agent.
  • Channels

Channels is a software solution that enables businesses to address customers’ queries and respond to customer calls over its mobile application. Some of its key features include:

  • Allows setting up call distribution rules.
  • Enables easy integration with other software in the technology stack.

As Channels is more of a phone system and not an upscale help desk software for call centers, this makes for a great option for businesses in the early stage, as they don’t have a high volume of customer queries or interaction.

  • KENT CamCall

KENT CamCall is one of the first video-based platforms for inbound calls, with an app-less ecosystem that does not require any application or software installed in the customers’ mobile device or on the agent’s computer system. Enabling winning sales calls as well as unparalleled customer support experience, KENT Cam Call also provides a host of other advanced features such as:

  • No Meeting Invitation required and is ready to access from anywhere and anytime.
  • Automatic Video Call Routing directs customer calls to agents, ensuring effective handling of the queue and call flow.
  • Seamless Process facilitated with a simple QR code scan or access links that customers use to connect with an agent.
  • Video Calling for adopting a more personalised approach.
  • Screen Sharing for Agents that can help in presentations or guiding the consumer technically.
  • Supervisor Monitoring to improve customer experience and journey.
  • Smart call distribution logic with 3rd party integrations.
  • Analytics and dashboards with comprehensive reports, as well as compliant with industry-standard encryption.

Customer service is expected to be excellent across all platforms, including live chat, email, live video call and phone. However, this can be overwhelming for your support staff, particularly if the platforms run separate software that doesn’t interact well with one another.

With new-age, innovative software for call centers, your customer support team can expertly handle all support activities, resulting in a better experience for both customers and the frontline representatives.

Now that you know some of the top call center software, invest in one that can deliver a comprehensive solution and aligns with your business needs. Get ready to leverage the power of such technologies to provide exceptional assistance to turn customers into your brand advocates!