When we talk about Chennai cuisine, the initial flashes that come to mind are Idli sambhar and filter coffee. As one may naturally begin the day with this normal breakfast, there are different varieties of vegetarian dishes that each vacationer in Chennai must not miss at all!

From intricate, conventional preparations to street foods, here are some of the best dishes for any food lover to try in the veg restaurants of Chennai.

1. Kothu Parotta

One of Chennai’s famous street foods, the Kothu Parotta, is the best example of the city’s dexterity and exploratory culture when it is about food. It is an inventive collage of different South-Indian gourmet foods, with Kerala Parotta on its base. The parotta is grated and combined with many items, for example, meat chunks, eggs, and salna (a sauce including a mix of spices). This dish is also available in many veg restaurants in Chennai.

2. Mysore Pak

The name of this sweet is kept on the name of a city (Mysore). The city’s famous veg restaurants have made this dish on their own over the years, offering Chennai’s Mysore Pak an incomparable taste. Made with a huge amount of ghee, this sweet is famous for literally softening in the mouth! This sweet is definitely made full of sugar, but if you are in Chennai, it is a tantalization worth involving!

3. Sundal

If anybody had to select a versatile dish in Chennai (apart from the general suspects of dosa and idli), it will possibly be the sundal. This famous food is offered on different beaches, veg restaurants, or temples in Chennai, but the finest edition is from eating places in Marina Beach. Sundal is made by combining soaked chana with different spices and items, for example, sliced, unripe mangoes, grated coconut, and chiles.

4. Madras meals

The South Indian Thali of sambhar, rice, dal, vegetable curries, rasam, curd, and a sweet is an easy and healthy lunch to reduce your hunger pangs. Kept on a larger-than-life plantain leaf, the tasty and colourful Thali is ideal for your lunch. There are many veg restaurants to enjoy this traditional Thali in a comfortable ambiance.

5. Atho Man

From Chennai’s most popular veg foods, Atho Man is basically a Burmese dish, but it has turned out to be so popular in Chennai that individuals have overlooked its origin. It is a plain orange-coloured noodles dish combined and served with raw vegetables. You can find many small stalls on almost every corner of Chennai’s streets selling Atho Man, and people make a line to get a plate. This dish is also served at various famous veg restaurants in Chennai.

6. Chaat

Chennai chaat involves many varieties of luscious chaat. Chana chaaat, aloo chaat, and papdi chaat are some of them. Chaat is one of the most famous dishes all through India and even the people in Chennai like puchkas. Do try this chaat in the veg restaurants of this stunning city!

7. Boli

It is among the most delightful veg foods in Chennai. The essence of hot-hot boli will certainly attract you to a nearby restaurant. It is fundamentally a sweet and refined flour paratha filled with mashed toor dal, charoli, nuts, jaggery, cardamom, and raisins. If you have a liking for sweet dishes, you must try Boli.

8. Podi Dosai

Podi dosai is amongst Chennai’s best dishes. Prepared from fresh and served to customers in a minute, this one is possibly the spicy and most delightful dosai you will ever have. It is Chennai’s special food, drenched in rusty red podi, that will make you sweat as you consume it, but it is worth giving a try.

9. Bhajji

Bhajji is a popular food that can be enjoyed at street-side stalls and restaurants in Chennai. Some of the bhajji stalls have been running well for 20 years, and the secret can be experienced in their aromatic chutney and crunchy and soft bhajjis that are eaten well on a rainy day.

10. Vada

Wada, vadai, bara, vade, and wadeh, you may call it anything, but it is always the best food in Chennai. This snack can be obtained in almost every corner of the city. Prepared of spices and Bengal Gram, these deep-fried donuts may not be a good choice, but it essentially is a delicious food. In Chennai, this dish is sold with either sambhar or coconut chutney.

11. Murukku

It is a deep-fried crunchy snack sold on the streets and restaurants in Chennai. Murukku is prepared using salt, rice flour, gram flour, and seeds of cumin. These snacks have a coiled shape and are served with tea. Murukku sandwich, which includes cucumber, tomato, and mint chutney, is one more popular veg food becoming popular among people.

12. Idiyappam

This dish may appear like noodles, but it has quite a quite different taste. Prepared with rice flour and offered with curry and coconut milk, Idiyappam is a famous veg food in Chennai. There is a number of street-side stalls selling Idiyappam in the city. And you can also enjoy this dish in veg restaurants in Chennai.

13. Puttu

Puttu is a well-known breakfast dish in South India. To prepare Puttu, rice is grounded and then steamed in a circular vessel. Puttu is then garnished with preseed coconut and served with a curry or sweet dish. The sweet dish offered is either pam sugar or banana. Curries cooked with chickpeas, pulses, mutton, and fish are served with Putti at some locations. You can try this most delicious dish in the famous veg restaurants of Chennai.


So, with all these rich veg foods, Chennai is one of the most beautiful cities that foodies and travelers will love. Be ready to have a wonderful vacation in Chennai and try all the above delicacies in the best veg restaurants in the city. The bustling streets of Chennai and amazing food are waiting for you! Let us find what is the best food you have taken up amongst these foods in Chennai.

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