Make Your Kid’s Birthday A Hit In An Escape Room!

Planning your kid’s birthday can be daunting. How do you make the event special and memorable while keeping everything kid-friendly?

What kind of activities would the children love? And how can you put it all together?

We have an answer!

Escape rooms have been seen to be very effective for hosting birthday events for kids.

Not only can it make planning the party a breeze, but it will also make their day pretty extraordinary.

In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of having your children’s birthday celebration in an escape room, taking a VR escape room in Melbourne and a physical escape room in New Jersey as examples.

What happens in an escape room kids’ birthday

Offering highly immersive and interactive experiences that pull everyone in the group in to take part, escape rooms have become tremendously popular among all age groups – especially children.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, an escape room is an adventure-type game. It takes place in a specially designed room, where props and decor set up a storyline.

Players must unravel the story, untangling various kinds of puzzles and challenges (all of which are mentally engaging and not physically demanding or hazardous) to find clues on how to proceed.

Acting as a team, they must get to the bottom of the plot before time runs out.

Worried what happens if they can’t “escape”?

If “escaping a room” makes you a little concerned, don’t be.

It’s an entirely make-believe experience and the majority of rooms aren’t actually locked – players can simply leave at any point during the game.

In some cases, leaving the door open would cut into the game environment – in such cases, the room will have an emergency escape or panic button that players can use to stop the game and exit.

Finally, a game master monitors the proceedings continuously and will intervene if anything untoward looks to be happening.

With all that in mind, let’s take a look at two escape rooms to understand why they make such good birthday events for children.

Entermission Melbourne

Looking for 10 year old birthday party ideas melbourne? Look no further than Entermission VR escape room.

It offers an extensive array of kid-friendly escape experiences that are both fun and challenging. From journeying through Alice’s Wonderland to exploring a mysterious jungle, the adventures are endless.

Each game at Entermission Melbourne lasts 60 minutes and ensures a perfect balance of thrill and entertainment.

The joy of a VR escape room experience

Now, when it comes to Virtual Reality escape room experiences, many people have a preconceived notion that it’s just waving your arms in the air while a cartoonish avatar floats around in a computer simulation. In other words, it’s nothing special.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth…especially at Entermission Melbourne.

Their games are fitted up with hand-tracking technology and special effects, which combine to make the adventures get unbelievably close to real-world.

Plus they also have free-roam VR games, where players can walk around the room while playing, deepening the immersion.

Solve The Room

Solve The Room is an escape room near Lakewood in New Jersey, and is another destination to consider for your child’s next birthday party.

The New Jersey-based escape room offers a variety of games, from a jailbreak adventure to a museum heist, that are bound to captivate the kids’ imaginations.

Digging deeper into the physical escape rooms at Solve The Room

As a traditional (that is, physical instead of being VR) experience, a Solve The Room escape game is a whole different ballgame from the children listlessly solving puzzles like they would in an exam.

First of all, the birthday guests have to meet up at the facility and engage with one another for over an hour. That itself is a massive improvement over the usual mode of communication – FaceTiming.

Moreover, players must interact with the various game elements – from picking up, moving and manipulating game props and puzzle pieces to watching and listening for clues.

The thrill of physical interactions makes the experience come alive and makes the birthday party one that the guests will really remember.

Boosting everyday skills            

Apart from being a highly enjoyable experience, escape room games are also excellent for imparting various everyday skills.

These range from the relatively mundane – such as learning how to carry on a conversation with people – to more high-level ones like observation, teamwork and time management.

Making the day special

Birthdays are all about creating lasting memories. Escape rooms offer an unusual, exciting twist to traditional birthday parties.

As we just saw, both Entermission Melbourne and Solve The Room offer packages tailored to make birthdays more fun, adventurous, and memorable.

So, why wait?

Venture into the world of escape rooms and give your child an unforgettable birthday experience.

What do you think?

Written by Joshua White

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