The Best Monitors For Professional Streaming

More gamers than ever are turning pro and many start out by streaming on channels like Twitch and YouTube. In this article, we’ll look at getting started as a professional gamer and the best monitors and cable management for your streaming set-up.

Trending Games to Stream

Before you start streaming and trying to build your followers and audience, you’ll need to choose which game you’re going to be playing. It’s a good idea to check out the trending games to stream on Twitch and consider the game’s popularity, playability, and who your target audience are. Examples of popular games currently include the horror game, Dead By Daylight and the more family-friendly, Animal Crossing.

Best Monitors For Gaming

If you’re going to be streaming, you’ll want a top-quality gaming monitor. Here are a few of the best currently available.

Razor Raptor 27

With a 27-inch screen and crisp HD resolution, this high-resolution monitor is well-designed with easy-access ports and intuitive menus, making it one of the best on the market. Unfortunately, that means that it doesn’t come cheap, but for professional gamers looking to upgrade, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Acer XFA240

A more affordable option is the Acer XFA240. A 1080p monitor that displays games well with accurate and vibrant colors. Despite its relatively low cost, it has a few bonus features, like a full vertical mode and a variety of ports. The built-in speakers and confusing menus let it down slightly but it’s still great value for money.

Alienware 34 QD-OLED

This is a spectacular monitor with a stylish, slick design and its excellent image quality makes games look fantastic. The only downsides are its price and how big it is but if the price isn’t an issue and you have a roomy gaming set-up then this monitor could be the right option for you.

Sony Inzone M9

This gaming monitor works well with both PCs and the PlayStation 5. If you do both, or either, then the Sony Inzone M9 is a great choice for your set-up. It has a wide array of ports and fantastic response times and is competitively priced. The only real downside is that the built-in speakers could be better.

Cable Management For Your Gaming Set Up

Cable management may feel like the least exciting part of your gaming set-up, however, it’s just as vital to your gaming success as choosing the right game, and having the best monitor and streaming equipment.

In terms of the overall look of your set-up and in the interests of not having trailing cables for safety reasons, you’ll want to think about where you’re going to position your desk concerning your power outlet and whether you’ll mount your surge protector or have it tucked away on the floor beneath your desk. Use pre-cut holes in your desk to tuck away things like mouse cables, or if you don’t have any, you might consider drilling them yourself. You can also buy cable channels and sleeves to keep things neat.

You should also check out your internet cabling, to make sure that your cables are working properly and your streaming isn’t disrupted by slow speeds or faulty connections. If you have a plastic wall plate, these can be flimsy and prone to damage so it’s a good idea to replace this with a wooden one, which you can find at your local hardware store. You should ensure all internet cables are straight not bent and try to avoid using splitters unless absolutely necessary. Older cables should be replaced by new coaxial cables to ensure you’re getting the best possible speeds from your internet service provider.