Metaverse Casino – Are They the Future of Online Gaming?


With metaverse becoming a serious topic of investment for many venture capitalists, it’s important to discuss what might be the financial benefits of such a virtual universe. In that vein, metaverse casinos are one of the most discussed topics on the internet, although it seems not many people actually know how they work. Described as the next big thing in online gaming, these platforms provide a real-life experience in a virtual casino.

To understand how metaverse casinos work, as well as learn everything about their pros and cons, all you have to do is read this post until the end. We’ll start from the beginning – by explaining what the metaverse is.

What is Metaverse?

By definition, the metaverse is a virtual-reality environment in which users can interact with each other, as well as with the virtual features created by the metaverse developers. For this, the users need to use special metaverse technology such as VR goggles, for example.

The virtual world can provide all sorts of experiences for the users. It’s a social space where they can hang out with other users, play VR games, and even use their skills and creativity to further expand the metaverse. Another application of metaverse technology is online gaming. The metaverse technology enables users to enter virtual casinos from the comfort of their own homes.

Virtual Casinos in the Metaverse

Can you gamble in the metaverse? The answer is why not? Of course, it all depends on whose metaverse it is – some developers might be pro-gambling, others may not. However, from a technical standpoint, there’s no obstacle in creating a metaverse casino.

Meta-gamblers can play their favorite casino games – roulette, poker, blackjack, etc. – in a virtual world.

Metaverse casinos can look like real casinos in which you’re playing casino games against real dealers via live stream. In other cases, the metaverse developers might decide to create a cartoonish casino in which each player gets to create their own avatar.

You can choose how you are going to look in the meta world, choosing your body type, haircut, attire, and so on. In fact, some metaverse casinos might even let you decide on the design of the casino floor on your own. Do you want virtual flowers in the corner? Or a different color of the table? No problem, anything can be done in the metaverse.

When it comes to the design of the metaverse casinos, the sky’s the limit – you can be certain that in the future, there will be all kinds of virtual gambling universes you can enter.

Actually, some metaverse casinos already exist in 2022.

List of Metaverse Casinos

There are already dozens if not hundreds of metaverse casinos out there. Some are offering only a basic VR experience, while others are as close as it gets to the dictionary definition of the metaverse casino. That said, we’re now going to mention some of the player favorites:

  • Decentral Games – This metaverse casino enables you to earn money by playing VR versions of roulette, slots, blackjack, and poker. The reward comes in the form of the $DG token which is publicly traded on crypto exchanges.
  • Edgeless – This metaverse casino is famous for being the world’s first Ethereum-based casino. There are nine casino games you can play on this platform, including dice, video poker, and so on.
  • Peer Game – This is a metaverse based on the BitcoinSV system, in which you can gamble using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, as this is a crypto metaverse, no fiat currencies are allowed.

As more tech companies are working on developing their own metaverses, it’s likely that the number of virtual-reality casinos is going to go up in the near future. Many of them will be created as a part of a larger metaverse rather than standalone projects.

One such is the metaverse casino that’s supposed to be a part of the Atari Metaverse. Powered by the Atari chain, this metaverse is supposed to be a limitless universe in which users will be able to play Atari’s games in VR, as well as take part in many other activities. One of those activities is online gambling.

As confirmed by people from Atari, the company is planning to include a casino room in its metaverse, where players will have all sorts of games at their disposal. They will be able to gamble at a Vegas-style virtual casino using the Atari Token, which is already available for purchase at major cryptocurrency exchanges.

The same path could be followed by Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta. Formerly known as Facebook, Inc., the company has been working on developing a metaverse that would be superior to those created by its competitors. Although it’s yet to be confirmed by the company, the metaverse could end up including its own proprietary VR casino.