10 Best Champions to Solo Carry League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the most popular games in the world, with millions of players and a professional scene. One way that many players improve their skills is by playing ranked solo queue matches against other competitive players. 

With so many people playing every day, it can be difficult to rise through the ranks without taking some time to study up on how to play better or what you might need to do differently than your opponents. Here are some tips for those who want pointers on how they can best climb out of bronze into silver and gold:

  1. Play more ranked games than normal matches: League of Legends is a team game, so this may sound counterintuitive, but there are certain skills that you can only learn by playing solo queue matches. The first one is to play more ranked games than normal games. If your rank is low enough (bronze or silver), you will want to push up higher after just 20 games; if not, pushing up into gold takes about 50 more match wins before it’s time to try and go pro!
How to Play Ranked in League of Legends
  1. Watch your replays and look for mistakes: Check out how other players play against you to see what they do differently than you or if their strategy works better than yours. You might be able to find some small changes in champion matchups or item builds to help improve your rank. Be sure to also check the “match history” tab to watch more games from ranked queues where things didn’t go as well as on your personal account because it will give insight into why those losses happened and teach you about hard counters vs champions like Urgot.
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  1. Play with a winning mindset: When you are in ranked games, it is not just about how well you play but also the mindset that you have. Playing with a winning mentality will help to keep your morale high and put yourself into an environment where success feels likely, which can be harder when playing someone who has been on this rank for years or knows every matchup inside out (plus, they’re really fun!). This translates into playing more patiently, knowing how to take advantage of mistakes from your opponents, and taking calculated risks without putting too much pressure on yourself.
  2. Consider getting coaching from an expert: Enroll in a league of legends coaching to improve your skill level in solo queue. This way, you won’t have to spend years in bronze and silver learning how to play from scratch. Instead, you will get trained to know how to play at a higher level and rank immediately. Plus, you will always be a step ahead of your opponents because you’ll know how to play against the champions they use as well.
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  1. Start with fewer champions: You don’t need all 134 champion options at once! If there’s a few champions that do work better than others, then pick them until you build up enough EXP points so that new ones appear as freebies. Additionally, think about how your opponents might play, and pick a few champions that are good at countering what they’re likely to do.
  2. Only focus on one or two things: It’s very tempting to try out every new trick you see but don’t worry if it doesn’t work for you – the game is so complex, and there are always many different ways of achieving success. Start with something simple like last-hitting minions (the little dudes who give gold) better because this will help you build up more money to buy cool stuff! You can also experiment with different runes, masteries etc., but only when you have enough time/money during breaks between games. This strategy builds confidence while maintaining momentum as opposed to trying too much all at once.
  3. Find out what your strengths are: With each game, you will find your strengths and weaknesses. Take the time to learn what you’re good at and find out how your opponents might be trying to exploit it (and work on that weakness). Doing this helps you learn how to better use your abilities and helps you see when your opponents might be trying to do the same thing.
  4. Know when to team up: Sometimes, a lone wolf can’t get past level 30 without help from their friends! It is not realistic for players with limited availability or resources who have families or full-time jobs outside of gaming to play League in isolation – especially if they want gold medals. The community forums are great places where gamers go online just like you do every day to make new friends and improve skills together as teams.
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  1. Take time to get comfortable with each champion: Learning what different champions are strong at will help you understand how best to use them. This is also important because there may be times during games where it’s not possible for one player on a team to play every role, so knowing which ones most complement yours is key! Play some ARAM (All Random All Mid) matches if you’re feeling fancy – this mode means all players take turns picking their champions for a single match, so it’s a great way to try out different characters.
  2. Keep track of wins: You earn rank points during the solo queue, and how many you have at any given time will determine your league. If the number is high enough, then it may be in your best interest to stop playing until things drop off so that you don’t risk losing them after a loss (although this can also be an effective way of climbing out of lower leagues).
  3. Don’t give up!: Losing games doesn’t make them any less valuable than winning ones do; they help players learn what works and what does not work against different opponents with certain playstyles, which will eventually lead them closer towards victory as their opponent learns how best to counter them.

Conclusion: Rising in the solo queue can be difficult, but with some time and patience, it’s possible to climb out of bronze into silver or gold.

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