Surfset Fitness Shark Tank Update – What Happened to Surfset Fitness after Shark Tank 

Surfset Fitness Shark Tank update 2023

Surfset Fitness Shark Tank Update – The Surfset Fitness Board is an innovation that allows its users to experience surfing and enjoy its fitness benefits from the safety of dry land. They appeared on Shark Tank Season 4 Episode 2 in 2012, seeking an investment. As of 2023 Surfset Fitness board is not active and out of business. 

The idea of the Surfset Fitness board came from former professional hockey player Mike Hartwick and fitness and nutritional expert Sarah Ponn. At that time, Surfset Fitness had a net worth of $150K which had been earned through conducting surfing fitness classes using the board. So What Happened to Surfset Fitness after Shark Tank? Read on to find out more. 

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Surfset Fitness Shark Tank update 2023 | How is Surfset Fitness doing now? 

When Mike and Sarah appeared on Shark Tank, they had already established fitness programs centered around their invention. They earned a respectable $150k and had received franchising inquiries from nearly 200 people. Their Shark Tank deal of $300K for 30% helped to manufacture their product and conduct classes nationwide. They had even established branches across the globe. Sadly, however, their product met an early decline in interest, and they were compelled to cease production in 2018. As such, Surfset Fitness is no longer in operation. But some sources say otherwise. Read on if you want to know more Surfset Fitness Shark Tank updates.

Their final tweet in 2018 reads as follows.

You may wonder if Surfset is still in business. Many sources confirm that they officially ceased operations in 2018, but some claim that their worldwide franchises (350 locations in 32 countries) are still operational as of November 2022 with an annual net worth of $8M.

Find out Surfset Fitness’s Net worth Timeline.

What happened to Surfset Fitness in Shark Tank? 

Surfset Fitness approached the Sharks hoping for $150K for 10%. Mark Cuban was the first to offer $300,000 for 33%. He was countered by Robert, who tried out the board himself and thought that the expenses to hire professional athletes were unnecessary and offered $100K for 20%. Daymond pitched $150K for 25% and offered a tempting unlimited manufacturing deal. Barbara advised Mike and Sarah to pick up Mark and requested to join him but was rejected, so she opted out. Kevin joined Daymond, and out of the three offers on the table, the entrepreneurs negotiated $300k for 30% with Mark and accepted his deal.

What Happened to Surfset Fitness After Shark Tank? 

Surfset after Shark Tank embarked on conducting training programs in 29 cities with certified instructors to conduct the sessions. They carried out a nationwide tour to 24 cities to train instructors, and they also have the curriculum available for purchase worldwide. They managed to get partnership deals with big companies like UnderArmour, Garnier Fructis, and Qboda Mexican Grill. But because of some crisis Surfset went out of business.

But there have one company named “Surfset NYC” ,and they are conducting fitness classes also.

Who owns Surfset Fitness? 

Surfset Fitness is the brainchild of Mike Hartwick and Sarah Ponn. Mike is a former professional hockey player who used surfing to stay in shape off-season. He found its benefits perfect for keeping himself in top condition, and this inspired him to create the routines that we see in their programs.

The expertise of Sarah Ponn, who is a fitness and nutrition expert, was a valuable addition to the whole enterprise.

Who are the competitors of Surfset Fitness?

Surfset produced The RipSurferX as a unique innovation, and no substitutes existed. However, now the Razor RipStik RipSurf has been released and boasts similar functions.


Did Surfset Fitness make a deal on Shark Tank?

Yes. they were given $300k for 30% by Mark Cuban.

Is Surfset still in business?

Officially no. However, it has been reported that their franchises are still operational globally. 

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