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Leaux Racing Trikes Net Worth 2023 Update (Before & After Shark Tank)

Leaux Racing Trikes, a recumbent tricycle series, was started by Joe Hadzicki and Tyler Hadzicki. Leaux Racing Trikes’s net worth was $600K at the time of their pitch in 2015 based on the $120,000 offer for 20% of equity of the company. 

They appeared on Season 07 of Shark Tank USA in December 2015. Because of issues in the presentation and various reasons between the Sharks and the founders, the Sharks were not interested in investing in Leaux Racing Trikes. 

Leaux Racing Trike closed down in 2016, and their social media pages have been inactive since then.

Leaux Racing Trikes Net Worth

Net worth$600K (When appeared on Shark Tank Show)
Annual Sales Revenue
Lifetime sales
FoundersJoe Hadzicki and Tyler Hadzicki
Employees125 employees

Leaux Racing Trikes Net Worth Timeline

Net Worth 2023Out Of Business
Net worth valuation 2015 before appearing on Shark Tank  $600K

Leaux Racing Trikes Pitch on Shark Tank

Company nameLeaux Racing Trikes
ProductAdult speed tricycles
EpisodeSeason 07 Episode 10
Founders Joe Hadzicki and Tyler Hadzicki
Asked for$120,000 for 20% equity
Final dealNo Deal
Shark No shark
LocationCoronado, California, USA

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Leaux Racing Trikes Founders

Leaux Racing Trikes was founded by Joe Hadzicki and Tyler Hadzicki. They are a father-son duo. Tyler, at 17, crafted the tricycle. After finishing studies at San Diego State University, he joined South Coast Commercial Inc, where he continues to work. The Leaux Racing Trikes prototype was a joint project with his father for a sixth-grade science assignment. Leaux Racing Trikes’s founders, Joe Hadzicki and Tyler Hadzicki, have a net worth of unknown as of 2023.

Key accomplishments

2015The company appeared on Shark Tank Season 07


Some companies that appear on the show have not achieved great success, and the Leaux Racing Trikes was one of them. Sometimes businesses don’t succeed because of many reasons. Sometimes, the deal falls through after the founders say yes on camera. Or, as you’ll see, sometimes things happen to the founders themselves, and they choose to abandon the business. Anything is possible. However,  Leaux Racing Trikes went out of business in 2016. And the product is no longer available in the market.

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