Squatty potty Net Worth 2023 Update & What happened after Shark Tank

The Squatty Potty is a Shark Tank featured product, a specially designed stool for fixing your posture while using the toilet. As of 2023, Squatty Potty’s net worth is estimated at around 50 million USD. With that, the founder, Bobby Edwardsand Judy Edwards have an estimated net worth of over 30 million USD a few years after the show.

The Squatty Potty appeared in the Shark Tank season 6 episode 9, aired on November 14, 2014. However, Lori Greiner made a deal of 350, 000 USD for 10% of the company. Also, this became one of her most successful investments later.

But how does Squatty potty reach a net worth of $50 million this year after the Shark Tank? Let’s find out more.

Squatty Potty’s net worth in 2023?

According to our online research, Squatty Potty will be worth around $50 million at the end of the 2022 and beginning of 2023. And its net worth is continuing to grow because of its innovative design and high marketability.

They hit $19 million in sales in 2015. And they eventually reached $33 million by the end of 2017. 

“We’re going to probably hit $100 million within the next few years”, Judy said to CNBC.

The Squatty Potty is estimated to have over $175 million in lifetime sales and reach over $200 million in 2023. But these valuations are only based on the data on sales, customer satisfaction, and brand recognition over the years.

There are over 8 million squatty potties are sold until now. But they only sold around 2000 products at first. However, they managed to sell $1 million worth of products within 24 hours after the Shark Tank official air date.

However, Aterian inc. purchase the company for approximately around $24.1 million on 5th May 2021. And according to online data, the total deal was around $31.1 million. And the founders were happy about their deal with the Aterian brand’s annual revenue worth around $10-$15 million.

So, the company received approximately $19 million in cash from Aterian. And the rest of the charges are added to the stock and transition services.

But the company had around $16.8 million in sales and $4.7 million in operating income before the acquisition according to the reports online. But with Lori Greiner’s expert support and connections company continues to increase in popularity day by day. 

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How is the Squatty Potty doing now?

The squatty potty is successfully still in business in January 2023. And the company reached sales of over 5 million stools from 2018 to 2021. Also, new brandings and marketing campaigns helped to attract new customers.

Following this Squatty potty have around 271,608 followers on Facebook and over 26K followers on Instagram. Also, they partnered and featured with media programs like The Doctors, The Washington Post, and Men’s health.

Not only that the newly introduced product Travel Porta Squatty was also a success. Flowingly the company always try to give different discounts and offers often. So, they announced everyone to join 8 million customer gangs soon.

Squatty Potty is one of the most successful companies after the Shark Tank. And they are updating and selling their products on their official sites and social media.

What is Squatty Potty?

Squatty Potty is a footstool designed to use with any standard toilet. It fits with any average toilet and raises the user’s knees above the hips. So, this changes the user’s position from sitting to squatting.

The squatting position is considered the healthier and most comfortable position for the elimination process for years. According to professionals, it reduces the kinking of the colon. It’s because the squatting position is relaxing the puborectalis mussels.  

Hence squatting is the most natural and beneficial way for the elimination process and human health. So, the purpose of using Squatty Potty is to adopt the Squatting position for everyday life.

Squatty Potty guaranteed people a healthier bowl movement with reduced Strains. Also, the stool comes in various shapes, sizes, and materials and claims to prevent incontinence while sitting. So, Squatty potty is marketable as the most access able solution for digestive health issues.

Because of all of these factors and the popularity gained through social media company is still on the top.

Who is the founder of Squatty Potty?

Bobby Edwards, the co-founder of Squatty Potty, is also the inventor of the product. He co-founded the company with his mother Judy Edwards and Farther Bill Edwards. The inspiration for the business occurred after Judy was diagnosed with health issues like constipation and hemorrhoids.

After the doctor recommended using squatting toilets to Judy, they found the difficulty of finding Squatting homes in American homes. Bobby thought to use his skills as a designer and a contractor and created the first Squatty Potty in 2011.

Also, family and friends tested the product and they received positive feedback. So, the Edwards family decided to make it their family business.

The Edwards family founded squatty Potty.

What happened to Squatty Potty in Shark Tank?

Bobby and Judy pitched the Shark Tank hoping for $350 000 for 5% of the equity of their company. Firstly, they gave a brief introduction about the product and its purpose. Sharks were impressed with the idea and the $7 million high valuation and the revenue of the company.

“Because you value this business at $7 million that’s a whole lot of poo poo”, Kevin O’Leary said. Later he made an offer of $350 000 for 10 % but Bobby declined it and asked for $700 000. 

However, Robert Herjavec drops the deal first. Then Lori also agreed with Kevin’s offer with an explanation 5% isn’t enough equity to invest.

Followingly Mark Cuban dropped the deal. And Barbara Corcoran followed him because she suspected the whole idea.

Finally, after some negotiations, they accepted Lory’s offer of $350 000 for 10%. And made it one of the Shark Tanks Historical deals.

Squatty Potty Shark Tank Update-What happened After the Shark Tank?

Bobby and Judy left Shark Tank with the deal with a successful deal. Also, the deal went through and Lory’s expertise and background supported its noticeable success. So, they expanded to over 11,000 Bed, Bath, and Beyond stores.

Also, according to online data company has around $12.3 in sales after three months of the Shark Tank Show. So, the company is valued at around $3.5 million at the time. Not only that, around 158000 customers ordered the product after the show.

However, Aterian’s brand acquired the company in 2021 and Squatty Potty still operating under it. Also, the company introduced new products like constipation pills, odor removers, and bidet spouts to expand the market.

Also, the product got celebrities like StephenCurry30 to support the brand. Followingly their marketing video “This Unicorn changed the way I Poop” went viral and had over 19 million views at the time. 

Product Review

The product received positive feedback even before it appeared in Shark Tank. The product’s innovative design promised the customers a comfortable time and a corrected posture.

So, the product is improving the natural squatting position and helps to relieve issues in the digestive system. And because it’s improving toilet performance it guarantees more health benefits. 

Not only that it is standard to use any type of toilet and promised customers with high-quality materials. Apart from that, many claimed the product prevented constipation and improved bowel movement. 

However, the company faces an issue after releasing SquattyPottymus. But the Squatty potty is the most suitable design to improve users’ toilet performance. 

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Competitors of the company

There are companies selling products and services similar to the Squatty Potty. So, their target is to improve the toilet stool experience. 

According to craft. co, Johnson Health Tech New Zealand, Rogue Fitness, A Major Difference (AMD), and Multipure are the top competitors of Squatty Potty.


How many squatty potties are sold?

There are over 8 million Squatty potties are sold since its beginning. 

How much did Lori make from Squatty Potty?

Lori Greiner made over 164 million dollars from the Squatty potty deal. It’s one of her most successful investments.

Who acquired Squatty Potty?

Aterian inc acquired Squatty Potty in May 2021.

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