Is it time to update your home with some trendy accent chairs? Let’s see . . .

Did you recently become involved in a home remodel project? Have you moved in with a spouse and are merging furniture—or the opposite: you’ve recently divorced and are moving on? Maybe you’ve recently begun working from home and your furniture collection has never been more near and dear to your days, and you’re looking to spice it up with a little something new.

These are only a few of the many reasons to buy new furniture—and today, we’re talking about accent chairs. Why? Because they serve several purposes.

Not only are they great pieces of decoration, but they add seating space to your home. They look fantastic when they fit their surroundings and they’re functional if you need them to be. An accent chair is the first item you should consider as you begin shopping.

With that in mind, check out some of 2021’s most coveted releases.

For Cultivating a Studious Space: An Authentic Leather Armchair

Nothing says studious, intellectual, and warm quite like a classic, worn leather armchair.

Of course, you’ll likely get yours new—but imagine it in a decade, after some use. It’ll soften and form to the chair’s frame and your body, giving you a comfortable seat whether it’s to read a book, write a book, or answer a phone call.

Most leather armchairs have a wooden, boxy frame and two leather cushions—one for your seat and one for your back. The leather itself typically ranges on a spectrum of deep to light browns, but you may find others in special colors, like green or black.

Throw a soft blanket over the back of the chair to complete the look.

For Making a Loud Statement in a Quiet Way: The Lucite Chair

If you’re looking for something a little more interesting, you might consider lucite chairs.

These acrylic chairs are great for several reasons. For one, they’re durable and require the lowest of maintenance. For another, they’re incredibly versatile pieces—probably more so than you may imagine.

Acrylic chairs come in a variety of shapes with several different backs: square, royal, princess, zig-zag, diamond, T-shaped, and more. You can also choose from a plethora of seat cushions, which allow for customization from room to room. They can also be see-through, opaque, or with crystallization.

There’s much more to an acrylic chair’s design than a simple plastic look!

A Lounge Chair in Your Favorite Pop of Color, for Comfort and Style

There’s nothing like a lounge accent chair to up the coziness factor in your living room or bedroom!

Choose from any number of comfortable styles, as you’ll find there’s no lack of lounge chairs out there. Some are smaller and more simplistic while others are incredibly cushioned and offer tons of support. Some have high backs while others are shorter and wider.

Finally, you might even choose to get a reclining lounge chair, taking the meaning of “lounge” literally. If not, you may opt for a matching ottoman to rest in front of the lounge chair, which acts as both a footrest and a little stool for seating in a pinch.

The best part about so many choices is that there’s one for you. We suggest making your selection even more “you” by choosing a fun pop of color for this piece. A lounge chair that’s in a bright, happy yellow would look perfect in a farmhouse-style living room, while a mint green might make an interesting statement in your office.

Try a Fancier Take on a Circular Chair (I.e., Not Your Butterfly Chair From College)

Circular chairs serve their purpose. They act as cool accent pieces and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and fabrics. They’re also incredibly comfortable.

But, this chair often brings up old memories for some—specifically from their poor furniture collection in college days. Don’t fret—circular chairs have evolved far beyond the fuzzy purple number you might be remembering fondly.

Nowadays, circular chairs can fit any number of styles—polished or playful, boho or mid-century. They can be stationary or have swiveling capabilities. They might be incredibly fluffy with cushions or more minimal and bare. They also can range in the type of materials used, such as rattan or fabric.

The options are limitless!

A Nod to Your Grandparents’ Accent Chairs: A Midcentury, Fabric Armchair

Finally, we take a look at an old classic: the fabric-wrapped armchair. Your grandparents probably had one like this, decked out in all its floral glory. In fact, you may want something of that nature if your current home’s decor is vintage and thrifty.

But if you’re looking for a more updated version of this style, you’re in luck. Major furniture brands have taken it upon themselves to redo the fabric armchair of our grandparents’ past, making eclectic and new-age fabric that nods at the old. Choose from any number of interesting patterns (because this isn’t the chair to keep it modest—have fun!).

Essentially, it’s the same thing we’re used to, only created within this century.

Take a Seat in One of These Trendy Accent Chairs

Are you ready to sit pretty?

Consider one of 2021’s most fabulous choices, lifted above. From modern takes on old classics to fun materials like velvet or acrylic, today’s trendy accent chairs are as unique as you are. You’ve got plenty to choose from, and this list only touches the surface; we hope it gave you some shopping inspiration!

If you’re in the market for some more goodies, keep scrolling our page as we discuss a wide range of other products!

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