Technology advancements have brought numerous benefits to normal human life but also have some risks associated with it.  In all times the identity personal information photograph was not as vulnerable as it is today. Now it is very difficult for a human to secure his personal information from scammers and fraudsters. The physical infection between common persons has minimized in recent years and Covid-19 has accelerated this trend. 

In this blog, we will cover each and everything about age verification solutions. 

In 2020, FTC received 4.8 million fraud complaints, and most of them were related to the identity of online users. The production of online users’ identities has become very crucial in recent years because of the rising cases of identity fraud. Also, the kids’ exposure to the internet should be controlled for their normal mental growth.

It would be hard to say that today’s kids have less interest in modern technologies. The kids are all more attracted to the internet and digital gadgets than the other groups. According to a survey, 94% of kids aged between 3 and 18 can access the internet without any hurdle or permission. Out of which, 88% can access the internet using computers And 6% use mobile phones. Now kids are smart enough to bypass normal age checks. Increasing scamming activities and unrestricted access to the internet should be reduced for protecting minors. 

Not all kids use the internet inappropriately, but some also use it for education online lectures and video tutorials are an example. This is a great source of education for kids to break and learn anything by staying in their home. In this case, parental Guidance can’t be applicable as they can’t identify the time when the kids are using the internet for good and bad purposes. The only way to verify age and provide services accordingly is the online age verification solution. Every onboarding User’s date of birth will be verified through his identity documents and software will calculate age through it. 

Age Verification Through Documents 

The traditional way to verify online users’ age is consent – a checkbox that needs to be marked.  There is no verification that the user marking the checkbox is actually above the required age. This method is mostly used with other sites that do not have any sensitive data or adult content. But gaming and gambling websites, as well as online financial service providers, confirm the age of the users by the online age verification method.

A medication is performed by a robust AI-powered software in real-time. Allocation is performed during user onboarding and check-out (in e-commerce sites). But the age verification is only performed during account sign-up, for example in gambling websites age verification will be conducted when a  user requests to open an account. This is done to keep away from any age-restricted content. Online Platforms from e-commerce sites to online pharmacies and from digital banks to telehealth apps need age verification solutions.

Why is Age Verification Essential?

Fraud Prevention

Kids are an easy target for fraudsters as they are not mentally mature to resist them. Criminals acquire financial information like card numbers and bank account details by manipulating kids. Then the scammers can commit online financial frauds through this or can buy online products using that card number. Age verification will keep fraudsters away from illegally acquiring financial details from kids, which ultimately reduces credit card frauds. 

Better Compliance

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) has restricted online platforms to verify the age of onboarding users And non-compliance with direct relation can lead to fines. The automated verification service will help online websites comply with the latest kids protection laws. 

Improving the Market Reputation

Online registration benefits are not limited to only regulatory compliance or fraud prevention but also helps businesses in having better society goodwill. Common users and businesses will have a better image of an organization using an age verification service.

Wrapping it Up

All online businesses should use real-time age verification to filter their users by their age group. It will help in stopping cyberbullying and online harassment. The solution is integrated through APIs without changing any module of the website.

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