Brutal force is a new legal steroid brand that is threatening to dominate this new popular market. 

Anabolic steroids are rife in 2020, however many gym-goers are put off due to nasty side effects that users often endure. 

What Are ‘Legal Steroids’?

Legal steroids essentially are ‘steroid alternatives’ which aim to replicate the same effects as steroids but without the side effects. In reality, most users will not experience the same muscle or strength gains as steroids — but with steroid alternatives they can sometimes get the results they desire (without risking their health). 

Thus, for some people legal steroids are a better choice, as they can take their body to the next level without risking getting into trouble with the police or waking up in a hospital bed. 

Also legal steroids can be purchased easily online, without having to worry about dealers on the black market giving you fake packages or spiking your product. 

Brutal Force contains only FDA regulated ingredients and openly reveals essential contact information; making them easily contactable by customers or authorities. These are signals of a trustworthy brand, with fraudulent businesses keen to hide essential contact info. 

Brutal Force 

Brutal Force is a new legal steroid retailer on the market. 

Do their products work? 

It seems like they’ve gone for a smart approach of replicating the same products and ingredients as Crazy Bulk (for the best part) — but are charging a cheaper price. 

For those who don’t know — Crazy Bulk has been the number one company for selling legal steroids. However, Brutal Force now are threatening to provide just as effective products (whilst saving customers more money in the process). 

Brutal Force also offer buy 2 get 1 free across their whole range, whilst also providing a 20% off coupon on their site. 

Brutal Force Product Range

  • Dbulk (dianabol)
  • Sbulk (sustanon 250)
  • Tbulk (trenbolone)
  • Abulk (anadrol)
  • Ccut (clenbuterol)

Thus, currently Brutal Force offers 4 bulking products and 1 cutting product. However, this is likely to change in the near future with BF adding new products to their range. 

DBulk (Dianabol)

Dianabol alternatives are generally best-sellers; as most people associate this steroid with producing huge mass gains. 

Dbulk, unlike dianabol, is perfectly safe to take and won’t cause the following side effects:

  • High blood pressure
  • Gynecomastia
  • Water retention
  • Low testosterone

SBulk (Sustanon)

Sustanon is one ester of testosterone, the first steroid ever produced; and remains as the most common compound in steroid stacks today. 

SBulk thus is designed for users looking to build muscle, strength and mass. 

It also may be taken when cutting, to help preserve muscle (whilst speeding up fat loss). 

SBulk, unlike illegal sustanon 250, will not cause:

  • Low testosterone levels
  • Acne
  • Water retention
  • High LDL cholesterol 

SBulk also doesn’t need to be injected, unlike testosterone, making it more popular among those wanting to avoid needles. 

TBulk (Trenbolone)

T-bulk like S-bulk can be used for bulking or cutting. However, it’s classed as a bulking agent due to it predominantly being designed to pack on mass. 

However, because it contains ingredients to elevate endogenous testosterone levels; this will also help with fat loss. 

Trenbolone is possibly the best steroid in the world for transforming a man’s body quickly. This is because it causes dramatic muscle-building and fat burning effects. 

When a person’s waist is getting smaller, and their muscles are simultaneously blowing up — this makes for an epic transformation. 

However, trenbolone is avoided by many bodybuilders because its effects on blood pressure are excessive. However, TBulk does not negatively affect the heart and thus it can safely be taken (unlike trenbolone). 

ABulk (Anadrol)

ABulk is designed to copy the effects of anadrol, which are huge muscle and strength increases. 

Will it prove as powerful as anadrol — the jury is still out on this. However, it is a much safer alternative, not negatively affecting blood pressure or having a high risk of causing gyno. 

Thus, for some users it may prove to be a better alternative if their body responds to this supplement well. 

Anadrol, like trenbolone, is avoided by some bodybuilders due to its toxicity — which is why the demand for a product like ABulk is so high. 

CCut (Clenbuterol)

Clenbuterol is a very popular fat burner, used by bodybuilders to get ripped for competitions. However, clenbuterol can have a negative effect on the heart; causing excessive cardiovascular strain. 

However, CCut will not raise blood pressure; and thus is a safe alternative that has ingredients designed to spike a person’s metabolism when dieting. 


Brutal Force’s legal steroids may result in noticeable muscle gains or fat loss, without causing a decline in a person’s health. 

People who take steroids however are risking their health in a big way, as most do so without being under a doctor’s supervision. 

Doing this is essentially playing russian roulette with your life. Brutal Force provides a solution to this by not only producing safe compounds; but are also affordable. 

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