Scientists Discover A New ‘Sea Monster’ With 20 Arms!

Scientists Discover A New 'Sea Monster' With 20 Arms!

Scientists on a research vessel in the ocean near Antarctica have found this new species of ‘Sea Monster.‘ This new undersea creature has 20 arms and a distinctive body shape. The hauntingly amazing species has arms that are bumpy and feathery. There is more to this sea creature than what meets the eye! Let’s have a closer look at this beautiful species known as the “Antarctic Feather Star.

Image Source: Business Insider

Cirri, the circular bumps are the tentacles that are popping out of the base of the body that has the shape of a strawberry. The group they belong to is the Promachocrinus group. These sea creatures can live from 65 feet to about 6,500 feet beneath the ocean’s surface! How cool is that?

Image Source: USA Today

These beautiful sea creatures have a wonderful range of colors from shades of purple and red. The group of scientists that went on the expeditions have also found eight more species that could belong in the same group! Deep sea water is home to millions of remarkable species. These researches could be the beginning of unveiling things entirely new to what we know so far.

The research study of this incredible species is published in the peer-reviewed journal Invertebrate Systematics. Greg Rouse, marine biology professor at the University of California has co-authored the paper on the new species with researchers Emily McLaughlin and Nerid Wilson.

Image Source: Tech Times

So we went from one species with 20 arms to now eight species — six with 20 arms and two with 10 arms under the name Promachocrinus,” Rouse said. The deep sea expedition continues as they look for more yet unknown and unseen species. There is so much more to know as we go on!


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