First Ever Stair Climbing Robot Vacuum Cleans Your Stairs

This is the first-ever Stair Climbing Robot Vacuum Cleaner that cleans your stairs

There is a new invention called the Ascender, which can climb stairs and clean your house. This device transcends traditional robot vacuums only having vertical movements. It is much more autonomous than traditional robot vacuums, and most importantly, it is the first ever stair stair climbing robot cleaner able to clean your stairs.

With the help of Ascender, homeowners can clean their staircases effectively. Let’s dive into exploring this groundbreaking innovation much more.

Who made it?

Migo Robotics introduced this product to the market. It can climb stairs which wasn’t the cup of tea of earlier versions. Also, the bi-directional function allows Ascender to clean stair steps. Vertical movement is the main function of the Ascender. It intends to provide an effective cleaning in less time. It’s worth to watch how smooth Ascender operates.

The Technology

Ascender uses gyroscopic technology to detect the height and depth of steps. Migo Robotics has installed advanced sensors and an adaptive algorithm in the device. It has a unique design and wheels for extended mobility. Also, it has powerful vacuum suction heads an effective cleaning.

The robot vacuums maximum climbing height is 22 cm 8.6 inches
The robot vacuum’s maximum climbing height is 22 cm (8.6 inches).
Image credits: MIGO Robotics

Advantages Over The Traditional Products

Traditional vacuum robots are like infants. You have to manually relocate them when cleaning stairs. On the other hand, Ascender is fully automated. It can move across the steps and also, move up and down stairs without any trouble. Also, it can navigate and clean upper floors. It has an extended battery life to spare energy for staircase cleaning. 

A Traditioonal Vacuum Robot
A Traditional Robot Vacuum (Credits: Flickr)


The Ascender is the world’s first-ever stair-climbing vacuum robot. It is indeed ground groundbreaking innovation in the home cleaning industry. Technologists predict that Ascender will replace all traditional vacuum robots very soon.

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