ProntoBev Net Worth 2023 – What Happened To Prontobev After Shark Tank 

ProntoBev is an instant wine chiller created by Alexander Simone. As of 2023, ProntoBev’s net worth is around $100,000. It was featured on Shark Tank in season 9, where Mark Cuban invested $100,000 for 25% of the company. 

How much is prontobev worth in 2023

ProntoBev is still in business, but it has yet to begin sales since its appearance on Shark Tank. Alexander only managed to raise $60 000 from the Indiegogo campaign. But we can’t count it as the company’s revenue. Also, it has not fulfilled any orders from its crowdfunding campaign. 

As per the above details, ProntoBev never made a working product. To our eyes, it seems like a dead project. The parent company, Pronto Concepts, continues to be operational and is valued at approximately $100,000.

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What is ProntoBev

You’ve just brought home a great bottle of wine but don’t want to wait hours for it to chill. 

It’s tough to enjoy a nice glass of wine when it’s not at the perfect temperature. And if you’re like most people, you probably don’t have a wine fridge.

But wait, On the 11th episode of Shark Tank season 9, Alexander Simone presented a project just to solve the above problem. With this product, you can enjoy a cooled wine in 30 seconds.

How does prontobev work

Do you like to drink wine at the perfect temperature? Now there’s a way to do that in just 30 seconds. ProntoBev has patented technology that will chill an entire bottle of wine to the perfect temperature. No more waiting hours for your wine to cool down.

Now you can have your wine at the perfect temperature, whenever you want it. Whether it’s a special occasion or just a regular night, ProntoBev has got you covered. Their sleek and stylish design means this product will look great in any setting.

This modern wine chiller can quickly cool your best bottle of wine in about 30 seconds, so you can enjoy it at the perfect temperature every time.

How does prontobev work

ProntoBev Founder Alexander Simone 

Alexander Simone is the founder and CEO of Pronto, a wine cooler company that gained success through crowdfunding. 

He experimented with inventing a wine cooler for a few years, making 13 prototypes without success before finally succeeding in 2015. With his working product, he raised $60 000 from Indiegogo.

What Happened At The Shark Tank 

Alexander comes before the sharks seeking a $100,000 investment for 5% of his company. He tells his story and gives his pitch, emphasizing the product’s unique features.

Then he offered to taste the wine, and most of the Sharks were impressed by it. 

Then he revealed the secret of instant cooling. This patent-pending beverage cooler uses something called ‘Pronto Gel’ to cool your wine, coffee, or any other drink in a few seconds.

Next, Alexander entered the most critical matter. Yes, the cost and revenue of the product. He said it costs $22 to make the chiller. He sold this for $89 on Indiegogo but said he wanted to sell the product for $129 per item. 

At this point, two Sharks were out saying the product was overpriced, but Kevin offered $100 000 at 50%. But Alexander was hesitating to approve the deal, and he revealed a pending product called Aerator the company was planning to introduce. 

Surprisingly Mark Cuban offered $100 000 for 20%, and Alexander accepted the deal.

What Happened To Prontobev After The Shark Tank -Prontobev shark tank update

Alexander’s deal with Mark was never closed as the Shark tank updates. As this review is being written, Pronto doesn’t have a working product to buy on the market. 

Investors on Indiegogo have never received a product or gotten their money back. Most people are calling Pronto a scam. 

We checked their official website to have a follow-up. The ProntoBev product page isn’t showing any pricing. Only the concept details, and we couldn’t find any kind of video or image proof of the actual product.

And yet there is another product called ProntoAer, a martini shaker. There is no evidence it’s on the market for sale. But there is a short video on the product page showing some people using it.  

The website states they met Mark’s contingency and are still open to more investments, but it looks like it hasn’t been updated in several years.

We gazed at the company’s social media profiles to find any new updates. Their official Twitter account has very few followers and has not been updated since 2018. And we were unable to access the Instagram or Facebook pages.

Considering the above criteria, we assume the project is dead, or Alexander scammed the investors’ money. 

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Below is a review posted by an investor on Reddit revealing the horrible experience with ProntoBev.

Competitors Of ProntoBev 

We found four alternatives to the ProntoBev Wine Chiller on Product Hunt, but these are traditional beverage coolers that you see primarily at mobile parties and picnics. Some of these coolers use solar power as an energy source, making them suitable for outdoor events. But none of these concepts are as advanced as ProntoBev technology.


Is prontobev still in business?

ProntoBev never made a working product. To our eyes, it seems like a dead project. 

What do you think?

Written by MSM Riham

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