Muff Waders Current Net Worth – What Happened To Muff Waders After Shark Tank

Muff Waders Current Net Worth - What Happened To Muff Waders After Shark Tank

It’s hard to keep your drinks cold when you’re out and about, especially if it’s hot outside. You don’t have to carry a heavy backpack or cooler full of drinks just for your working day. 

Not only is it difficult to keep your drinks cold, but carrying them around can be a pain. Carrying a lot of drinks can be really cumbersome, especially when it’s hot outside. You have to hold the drink in one hand and worry about it spilling, or put it in a bag and hope it doesn’t get crushed.

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What Is The Muff Waders?

The Muff Wader is the perfect solution for carrying your drinks with you. With two insulated pockets on each leg, the Muff Wader can easily hold a six-pack of beer or soda. Plus, the insulated pouch on the chest keeps your drinks cold all day long.

The Muff Mug has a magnet on the back so it can stick to any metal surface. It also has a pocket inside to hold things like your keys or phone.

The original purpose of the tough overalls was to have workwear and drink cooler at the same time.

The Muff Wader is the perfect solution for carrying your drinks with you.

The Founder Taylor Nees And Garrett Lamp.

Muff Waders is a company that Taylor Nees and Garret Lamp founded. Garret is a recent graduate who handles marketing and customer relations for Muff Waders while working full-time as a video producer.

Tyler was an electrician before they started Muff Waders. This Iowa boy from Holstein oversees the sales and manufacturing side of a company now.

What happened at the Shark Tank? 

On Shark Tank’s Season 12 Episode 10 Tyler and Garret introduce their unique product in a funny way. Everyone on the board had fun watching them.

They were able to successfully earn around $54000 from the sales they had before entering the Shark tank.

They were seeking $25K dollars for a 20% stake of their Overalls that can keep your drinks cool.

At the time they entered the Shark tank, Tylor and Garret were working on their new product called ‘Muff Spenders’.

But none of the sharks were interested in the product so Tylor and Garret had to leave without a deal.

What happened to muff waders After the Shark Tank?

The duo, Taylor and Garrett, were able to successfully raise $10,000 for their company through Kickstarter after appearing on Shark Tank. But they missed its goal of $135 000.

A company that sells its product from a van is not usually found in traditional trade shows, parties, and football games. But this is what exactly Muff Waders does.

They sell their product at trade shows, parties, and football games in their ‘office’ van.

The Muff Waders is based in Holstein. Currently, they are selling the product through their official online store. You can choose from three sizes: medium, large, and XL. Muff Waders come in two colors black and brown.

They introduced their new product when they got money from the Kickstarter campaign. The Muff ‘Spender is a suspender that can hold your drinks. This is specially designed for events like weddings.

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Competitors Off Muff Waders 

We did a quick research on ‘drink holding clothes’ to find if there are any competitors in the field to give a challenge to Muff Waders.

There are some sellers on online stores like Amazon who sell beer vests, beer holding belts, and similar stuff. But they are not very large competitors and don’t have a business approach like Muff Waders have.

The Current Net Worth Of Muff Waders

As of 2022, Muff Waders has a net worth of around $500,000. As the pandemic is getting normal people are getting into their regular jobs and party life. We can assume that this year Muff Waders will thrive on sales.

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Written by MSM Riham

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