How to Watch Pirates of the Caribbean in Order

Pirates of the Caribbean watch order guide

If you’re tangled in the rigging, and uncertain about the Pirates of the Caribbean watch order, you’ve navigated to the right deck. This popular franchise has many sequels and interconnected characters that need to be followed in order.  Here we’ll provide the treasure map to the best watch order of Pirates of the Caribbean. Get ready to hoist the colors, for this article will unveil the perfect voyage through the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ saga.

How to watch Pirates of the Caribbean in Release Order?

Pirate of the Caribbean Movies Release Order Infographic

The surge of excitement for a ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ escapade begins with release order, the way the movies were first unveiled to the world. This order is recommended as it follows the progression in which audiences were initially introduced to the rum-loving, occasionally unsteady Captain Jack Sparrow and his motley crew. Here’s how you can chart your course:

Pirates of the Caribbean Release Order

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl  [Jul 9, 2003 | Movie | 143 min | ★8.0 (1, 000, 000+)]
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest   [Jul 7, 2006 | Movie | 151 min | ★7.3 (650, 000+)]
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End  [May 25, 2007 | Movie | 169 min | ★7.1 (590, 000+)]
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides  [May 20, 2011 | Movie | 137 min | ★6.6 (490, 000+)]
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales  [May 26, 2017 | Movie | 129 min | ★6.6 (250, 000+)]

How to watch Pirates of the Caribbean in Chronological Order?

Chronologically, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films do not divert from their release sequence. The events unfurl linearly, with each new chapter of piracy and prophecy following seamlessly on from its predecessor’s wake. There’s no need to weigh anchor and change course mid-journey. For this franchise, the chronological order is as straightforward as sailing with the wind at your back.

Seasoned mateys and greenhorns alike may be pondering the same question: release order or chronological order? When it comes to ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, both orders walk the same plank. For first-time viewers, this shared path allows for a true appreciation of the tale’s twists and turns. Those returning to the series might also opt for this route to relive the thrills as originally crafted. Setting sail with ‘The Curse of the Black Pearl’ and following the tides through to ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’. This order stands as the best course for a hearty adventure.

Overview of the Plot, Storyline, and Key Elements of Pirates of the Caribbean

‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ stands out on the cinematic seas with its blend of folklore, fantasy, and freewheeling pirates. At the epicenter of its whirlpool is Captain Jack Sparrow, whose antics and escapades steer the ship. The films dive into legendary tales, from haunted ships to mythical treasures, and the quest for eternal life. They weave a rich tapestry of heroes, villains, and those who often flip between the two.

The franchise’s world is as vast and mysterious as the oceans themselves, bolstered by cursed treasure, mythical creatures, and powerful objects with otherworldly abilities. Comparing it to other shows, the series combines the supernatural appeal of ‘Supernatural’ with the epic scale of ‘Game of Thrones’—all while on the high seas.

How much time will it take to complete ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’?

Grab your compass and clear your schedule. A full run through the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean” films will have you sailing for approximately 719 minutes. That’s just shy of 12 hours of loot, legends, and legacy.


The Pirates of the Caribbean watch order is a straightforward treasure hunt, with release and chronological orders aligning like stars for navigation. We recommend diving in with ‘The Curse of the Black Pearl’ as your starting port and following through to ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’. Set your course, fill your sails, and enjoy the remarkable voyage that is ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.

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