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“Nevermind Adventure” Net worth Update (Before & After Shark Tank)

“Nevermind Adventure” Net worth Update (Before & After Shark Tank)

“Nevermind Adventure” got featured on Shark Tank Australia on 2017 July. It was founded by Matt Natonewski.

Nevermind Adventure Net worth in 2022

Here is an update on Nevermind Adventure’s net worth so far.

Nevermind Adventure’s Net worth before appearing on Shark Tank500 Million USD(Business Valuation)
Nevermind Adventure’s Net worth [year between appearing and now]5 Million USD
Nevermind Adventure’s Current Net worth (2022) 10.2 Million USD

Nevermind Adventure’s founder Matt Natonewski has a net worth of 10.2 Million USD as of 2022.


An Adventurous motorcycle ride is one of the popular things on many people’s bucket lists. So what about ride provide leather accessories with an amazing ride. Never mind Adventure was the best place for that.

What is Nevermind Adventure?

Never mind adventure was a company that import and sold ethical leather products. The products were made in Rajasthan India. Not only selling leather products company is also organizing adventures motorcycle rides. The tours were made in Australia, India, Nepal, Pakistan, South America, and Vietnam.

Who is the owner of the Nevermind Adventure?

Matt Natonewski is the founder of the Nevermind Adventure company. He holds a degree in science from Deakin University Australia. He started this company after he got inspiration after his journey to India.

What happened at the Shark Tank

Matt Natonewski did a dramatic entry into the shark tank with his motorbike. He was hoping for 200K for 15% of the equity of his business.

He firstly explained nevermind as the nevermind leather. Then he describes how they evolve into an adventure traveling company. After he described how he was inspired by the idea after visiting India.

Naomi Simson questioned past years’ revenues. Followingly she asked about expected revenue for next year.

Matt replied with $1.3Million.Then Steve Baxter was curious about his plan for achieving that revenue. He noted his starting price of $4900.Finally, with the discussion, he said it was around 300 bookings for the next 12 months.

But Andrew banks decided to get out of the deal saying it was not his type of business to invest in. But he appreciated his journey and courage.

However, finally, Steve Baxter decided to make an offer. His offer was 200k for 60% of the business. He explained all the benefits he can get with this offer. But Matts’s straight answer was no.

Janine also decided to get out of the deal. She wished him luck with a better focus on the final idea of the business. Glen Richard also thought not to invest. He thought the company needs lots of mentoring and time to develop.

Matt remained with Steves’s offer. Other Sharks explained to him what will happen after the deal. Then Matt gives steve an offer of 40%. But finally, he agreed with Steve’s offer of $200k for 49% of the company.

Nevermind Adventure Shark Tank pitch

Nevermind Adventure Shark Tank Update

Matt finally agreed with Steve Baxter’s deal. But asked Matt whether he was in the business for earning money. Also, he questioned about him doing two different sides and asked what Matt wants.

Not he was concerned about his pause to answer that question. However, he asked about his vision for the business. With that, steves idea was to continue this business to get someone to run his business.

Janine Allis was shocked by his deal and Andrew also agreed with her. Matt was also speechless at the moment. Janine questioned Steve about the owner having less equity. But Steve was steady while saying he still has 40%. According to Steve, the company needs a professional guide.

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What happened to Nevermind Adventures after the Shark Tank?

According to the reports, the deal didn’t succeed after Shark Tank. The company decided to run on its own without an investment. At first, the company got some attention from the public after Shark Tank. So the business run well until the covid 19 pandemic season.

the company situation was not in a good condition even in 2018. So the owner decided to make a pitch to the company’s fans. So they search investment of $750000 from fans. Their crowdfund plan was to expand the company into different areas of the world. They used the Birchal platform to invest 30% of the company.

But the company had to undergo liquidation due to many reasons in 2021.PKF liquidated the company after a cash flow crisis. The main reason was the covid 19 global pandemic and the stopping of tourism around the world.

They informed about it via their social media pages (Facebook, Instagram). But according to the reports the founder, Matt is still working with the company under new ownership. They plan to give Nevermind adventure a new beginning.

Who are the Competitors of the Nevermind Adventures?

According to the reports, there are no competitors emerged with similar facilities as Nevermind Adventures. 


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