Netflix is taking another significant step. The company, known for streaming, is now testing cloud-streamed games. A selected group of subscribers in Canada and the UK will experience this first. Although it begins with a limited audience, this move shines a light on Netflix’s gaming goals.

Last year, in November 2021, Netflix introduced gaming. But it was limited to mobile games on iOS and Android. Now, with games on TV screens and computers, Netflix is casting a wider net. This step suggests they’re aiming to compete with traditional gaming setups at homes and offices.

Among the games currently available are “Oxenfree,” produced by Night School Studio (a Netflix acquisition), and “Molehew’s Mining Adventure,” described by Netflix VP of games, Mike Verdu.

For those using TVs, their smartphones will double up as game controllers. Android users can access the controller through the Netflix app. In contrast, iOS users will need a dedicated controller app, as stated by spokesperson Chrissy Kelleher to The Verge. As for web gamers, they can enjoy the experience with the traditional mouse and keyboard setup.

Several devices support this new Netflix feature:

  • Amazon Fire TV streaming media players
  • Chromecast with Google TV
  • LG TVs
  • Nvidia Shield TV
  • Roku devices and TVs
  • Samsung Smart TVs
  • Walmart Onn

Verdu has assured that the list of compatible devices will be expanded progressively.

So, how does the gaming feel? we haven’t tried it. But Netflix is good at streaming, so gaming should be smooth too. Yet, small issues might stand out more in games than in shows. But Netflix seems ready to fix early problems. They see cloud gaming as a bonus for users, hinting at a careful approach.

Netflix aims to improve based on test feedback. Their dedication to better user experience and past interests in gaming shows a long-term plan. With a 45% increase in shares this year and another 1% after this news, Netflix seems on a successful path.

In short, Netflix is now focusing on streaming games to TVs and computers, starting in Canada and the UK. With many supporting devices and smartphone-based controls, Netflix is reshaping home entertainment.

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