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Gordon Ramsay vs Uncle Roger – The battle of the chefs latest update

Haaiyaa, when you hear this phrase the chances are you have already heard from uncle Roger, an internet famous chef with an Asian background. He has been a food critic on how people make Asian food, mainly “fried rice” and became an internet sensation for his hilarious ways of reactions.

The phrases like “Haaiyaa” , “Emootional Damaage” are few of his famous catch phrases. He was so creative that he caught up with an epic YouTube battle with famous chef Gordon Ramsay.

Here is the most recent update of their hilarious YouTube battle Ramsey Vs Uncle Roger

Gordan Ramsay Challenges Uncle Roger Latest update

How the battle started?

It all started when Uncle Roger, a funny character played by Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng, uploaded a video where he gave his honest opinion about Gordon Ramsay’s way of cooking fried rice. The video quickly gained immense popularity, catching the attention of Ramsay himself. In response, Ramsay issued a cooking challenge to Uncle Roger. The video where Nigel AKA Uncle Roger criticising Ramsay’s way of cooking was published two years ago and now has over 28 Millon views on YouTube.

“Gordon have two wok?”

Uncle Roger on Ramsay’s fried rice cooking

Uncle Roger criticises the way Gordon Ramsay makes egg fried rice, from the fact that Ramsay uses “two woks” to cook fried rice to Ramsay’s skin being dry. Uncle Roger goes a step further and recommend Gordon Ramsay to use a moisturiser which grabs many viewers attention.

Despite the friendly nature of the feud, both Gordon Ramsay and Uncle Roger have been able to grab more and more views to their videos using the attention. Ramsay has been able to showcase his sense of humor and willingness to engage with his fans, while Uncle Roger has gained a massive following and has been able to use his newfound fame to promote his stand-up comedy career.

Who are Gordon Ramsay and Uncle Roger?

Gordon Ramsay and Uncle Roger are like big shots in the culinary world, each with their own crazy style and awesome personality.

Gordon Ramsay the king of Chefs

Ramsay, the Scottish chef and restaurant guru, has rocked the TV scene with shows like “Hell’s Kitchen,” “MasterChef,” and “Kitchen Nightmares.” This guy is all about intense flavors and no-nonsense cooking. He’s won tons of awards for his incredible skills and has opened up killer restaurants all over the globe.

Uncle to many Nieces and Nephews, Roger

Now, Uncle Roger is a fictional character created by Nigel Ng, a hilarious comedian from Malaysia and Britain. Uncle Roger’s whole deal is cracking jokes and giving his two cents on Asian cuisine. He’s blown up on social media ’cause his videos are just too darn relatable and funny.

Believe it or not, Ramsay and Uncle Roger have actually crossed paths before. Uncle Roger once gave props to Ramsay’s Indonesian-inspired fried rice and got dubbed “Uncle Gordon.” But they’ve also had their fun little feuds, with Uncle Roger poking fun at Ramsay’s cooking techniques and Ramsay firing back with his own zingers.

All in all, Gordon Ramsay and Uncle Roger are both rockstars in the food world, each with their own awesome approach to cooking. Whether you’re into Ramsay’s fiery personality or Uncle Roger’s hilarious critiques, there’s no denying the massive impact these guys have had on the food scene.

The Criticism

Gordon Ramsay’s Fried Rice Drama

So, we all know Gordon Ramsay, the big-shot chef who’s made a splash in the culinary scene. But guess what? Even he’s not safe from Uncle Roger’s wrath when it comes to making fried rice. Uncle Roger took to his YouTube channel and straight-up roasted Ramsay’s technique in a viral video.

Uncle Roger didn’t hold back. He called out Ramsay for using a tiny pan and not giving the rice enough time to cook. And get this, he went off on Ramsay for daring to stir the rice with a metal spoon, claiming it could ruin the pan. But the real kicker for Uncle Roger was the lack of that traditional flavor he was expecting.

Uncle Roger Strikes Back & Back!

Not stopping at just “friend rice” uncle Rogers had the guts to criticise the way how Ramsay cooks Ramen. This was one year ago. In this time Uncle Roger starts with asking

Why Gordon looks so shiny

Uncle Roger wasn’t messing around with his response to Ramsay’s Ramen fiasco.He dropped few more reaction videos directly targeting Gordon Ramsay’s cooking skills.

Uncle Roger’s Reaction to Ramsay’s Thai Papaya Salad

He dropped a video of his own, where he playfully called Ramsay a “wok-f**k boy” and gave him a piece of his mind for not using a wok. He even accused Ramsay of disrespecting Asian cuisine, expressing his deep “disappointment.”

But wait, there’s a twist! Uncle Roger later posted another video, where he admitted he might have gone a bit overboard. He actually praised Ramsay’s cooking skills and even mentioned the possibility of collaborating in the future. Talk about a plot twist, right?

All in all, the Ramsay vs. Uncle Roger feud has been a wild ride for fans of both chefs. Uncle Roger’s spicy critique of Ramsay’s fried rice,Ramen and Salad caused quite the stir and sparked conversations about cultural appropriation in the culinary world. You never know what these culinary celebs will dish out next!

The Reaction

Despite being a world renowned chef Gordon Ramsay strikes back to Roast uncle Roge. This call out makes the battle between the two chefs more interesting.

Gordon Ramsay’s Reaction

I’ve been to Indonesia more times than he has

Ramsay Reacting to Uncle Roger

Gordon fired back with his own video, showing off his egg fried rice skills. Ramsay didn’t miss a beat as he cracked jokes about Uncle Roger’s critiques and even threw a few playful punches. It was obvious that Ramsay was enjoying the friendly feud and didn’t let the criticism get to him.

Uncle Roger’s Reaction

Uncle Roger couldn’t contain his excitement when he saw that Gordon Ramsay had responded to his video. He wasted no time and uploaded a reaction video, where he showered Ramsay with compliments for his kitchen prowess. But of course, Uncle Roger couldn’t resist slipping in a couple of jokes at Ramsay’s expense, keeping the banter alive and kicking.

The Ramsay vs. Uncle Roger feud has been a delightful and light-hearted one, with both of them taking the criticism and jests in good spirits. It’s crystal clear that they both have a fantastic sense of humor and don’t take themselves too seriously.

All in all, the reactions from both Gordon Ramsay and Uncle Roger have provided us with heaps of entertainment and much-needed laughter in the cooking world. They’ve shown us that even top chefs can have a good-natured battle while keeping the fun alive.

The Aftermath

Social Media Explosion

The clash between Gordon Ramsay and Uncle Roger set social media ablaze. Uncle Roger’s reaction to Gordon’s egg fried rice video spread like wildfire, capturing the attention of people worldwide. The video ignited intense discussions about cultural appropriation and representation in the culinary realm.

Both Uncle Roger and Gordon Ramsay became the talk of the town on social media. Uncle Roger attracted a wave of new followers, receiving applause for his defense of Asian cuisine. Meanwhile, Gordon Ramsay faced a storm of criticism for his insensitive remarks and apparent unfamiliarity with Asian culinary traditions.

Impact on Asian Representation

The epic feud between Uncle Roger and Gordon Ramsay left a lasting impact on Asian representation in the culinary world. Many people recognized that Ramsay’s lack of knowledge about Asian cuisine was just one example of a broader problem: the underrepresentation of Asian chefs in the industry.

This feud sparked a crucial conversation about the significance of diversity and representation in the culinary realm. People called for more opportunities for Asian chefs to shine and share their incredible skills and knowledge.

In a nutshell, the clash between Uncle Roger and Gordon Ramsay not only created a social media frenzy but also shed light on the issue of underrepresentation of Asian chefs. While the feud provided entertainment, it also acted as a catalyst for change, emphasizing the need for more diversity and representation in the wonderful world of food.

There can be more than one right way to cook!

All in all, the ongoing feud between Gordon Ramsay and Uncle Roger has taken us on a joyous and amusing journey, delighting fans of both culinary icons. Uncle Roger’s initial critique of Ramsay’s fried rice set the stage, but it quickly evolved into a playful exchange filled with banter and even a real-life meeting.

Throughout this feud, both chefs have showcased their distinctive personalities and culinary styles. Ramsay, famous for his fiery temper and prestigious restaurants, has demonstrated his ability to master Asian-inspired dishes. Meanwhile, Uncle Roger’s viral success stems from his humorous take on Western chefs attempting Asian cuisine.

Despite the rivalry, it’s evident that both chefs have a genuine respect for each other’s talents. Ramsay graciously thanked Uncle Roger for his positive review, and Uncle Roger expressed a sincere interest in collaborating with Ramsay in the future.

In the end, the Gordon Ramsay vs. Uncle Roger feud has provided endless entertainment and laughter for fans. We eagerly anticipate the next chapter in their culinary journeys, knowing that they’ve left an indelible mark on the world of food.

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Written by Kesara Bandaragoda

GAG Staff

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