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Morgan’s Kitchen Nightmares Update – Still Open Or Closed in 2024?


Morgan was a  Liverpool restaurant featured on season 4 of Kitchen Nightmares UK version. Gordon Ramsay visited the Morgan in 2006 and the episode aired in the same year . As of 2024, Morgan is closed. 

Is Morgan still closed?

Since the episode aired in 2006, many are wondering whether Morgan is still closed. As of 2024, Morgan is closed in Liverpool nearly 17 years after Gordon Ramsay’s visit. 

Morgan was closed in 2007 because Sandy Morgan sold the restaurant. There is no exact reason given why she sold the restaurant despite started making some profit after Gordan Ramsay’s visit.

Episode Recap

Morgan was episode 4 of season 4.

Restaurant name Morgan
Owner  Sandy Morgan
Waiters/StaffSandy,Helen Kelly,Laura Kelly,Emma
ChefPhilip Lee, Emma
Original Episode Air DateDecember 5, 2006
Morgan’s Address59 Allerton Road Woolton Liverpool L25 7RE United Kingdom
Is Morgan’s still open? (2024)Closed

Morgan update 2024 – Where are they now?

After coming back, Gordon discovers that Phil has left and Emma has been promoted to head chef. Gordon enjoys Emma’s cooking and notices that Helen has brought some order to the business with digital bookkeeping and other alterations.

However following the sale, the restaurant was first succeeded by Oddfellows, which soon closed down. Then the former Morgan’s location in Liverpool, England, became home to a French restaurant called Caveau. It appeared to be doing well, boasting a decent 4-star rating on its TripAdvisor page. However, on 1st of February 2024, Caveau announced a immediate closure. As of 2024, the old Morgan’s location is unoccupied.

What happened to the owners of Morgan?

What happened to the owners of Morgan is not revealed after the closure of Morgan in 2007. We hope they still live in Liverpool.

Restaurant location map : 

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