Exhibition walls based on modular technology are a well-recognized innovation in the exhibition business market. This is why art wall panels are used widely in galleries, museums, and for other exhibition purposes, for example, during the representation of new goods, services, and products. It allows one to stand out from the crowd, as it is possible to construct a unique system of walls of an array of colors and dimensions. Usually, there are no restrictions on the form and shape. If these are paintings that must be presented, then walls can be configured in accordance with the vision of an artist. Moreover, an experienced manufacturer can offer the production of various modular exhibition stands. They can be straight, angular, or even have different kinds of the radius of curvature. Most modular walls are suitable for multiple uses. Strongly created fasteners securely hold the structure and contribute to straightforward disassembly. So it can be replaced and assembled one more time without losing its steadiness, qualities, and stunning beauty. What else should be mentioned:

  • The modular wall cost is affordable and it will definitely pay off, as the gallery with such innovation will catch the attention of visitors. Moreover, multiple uses of the stand or panel allow you to save on the purchase of new equipment for the next exhibition.
  • The walls can be of any proportions. A large-scale panel looks more spectacular and allows you to outfit the entire exhibition area in a distinctive manner. Sometimes, this is what has a fundamental impact on the emotional connection between a viewer and an object (photos, pictures, paintings).
  • They create a visually coherent picture, allowing the designer to form constructions of intricate configurations. This indicates the possibility of implementing a wide variety of artistic and design solutions. It also allows you to tell the story, ensuring a logical journey through the exhibition space.
  • Modular walls, such as Mila-wall, can make a deep impression. Owners of this type of exhibition panel can create a fascinating gallery ambiance.
  • Lightweight, flexible, and easy to transport. Active participants in various exhibitions, organizers, and artists will like this set of great features.

In the production of exhibition modular walls, great attention is paid to uniqueness and customization. To stand out qualitatively from the crowd means to have your own style, and this indicates a well-developed aesthetic taste and the desire to make a powerful visual statement, satisfying the senses of gallery guests. Form the right first impression together with the professional team of Art Hanging Systems. With the exhibition equipment they offer, it is possible to create a high-quality turnkey project.

Keep these details in mind!

When looking for a professional and flexible solution for your specific exhibition needs, learn the characteristics and benefits you gain with each solution. Bespoke and stunning portable walls are indispensable assistants in the organization of the modern exhibition and in displaying a unique piece of art. Well-thought-out and specially designed for galleries, lightweight panels are highly versatile and can be tailored to suit your individual wants and desires.

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