Mini Pallets Net Worth 2024 Update (Before & After Shark Tank)

Mini Pallets is a product that raises bulky items off the ground, allowing for easy moving access. Peter Kuhlmann founded this in 2001. As of January 2024, Mini Pallets’s estimated net worth is $3.7 million

In June 2017, they appeared on season 03 of Shark Tank Australia and made a deal with Andrew Banks and Naomi Simsons for $400,000 for 40% of equity. The final valuation was $1 million, as same as the founder’s initial estimate.

Mini Pallets had a significant growth in business after its pitch on the show. As of January 2024, Mini Pallets is successfully continuing its business. Products are available for purchase on the company website.

Mini Pallets Net Worth

Net worth$3.7 million (2024)
Annual Sales Revenue
Lifetime sales
InvestorsAndrew Banks and Naomi Simsons 
FounderPeter Kuhlmann

Mini Pallets Net Worth Timeline

Net Worth 2024$3.7 million
Net Worth 2023$3.7 million
Net worth valuation in 2017 after appearing on Shark Tank  $1 million
Net worth valuation in 2017 before appearing on Shark Tank  $1 million

Mini Pallets Pitch on Shark Tank

ProductProduct that raises bulky items off the ground, allowing for easy moving access
EpisodeSeason 03 Episode 04
Founders Peter Kuhlmann
Asked for$200,000 for 20% equity
Company nameMini Pallets
Final deal$400,000 for 40% equity
SharksAndrew Banks and Naomi Simsons 
LocationUnley, South Australia

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Mini Pallets Founder

Mini Pallets was founded by Peter Kuhlmann in 2001. Peter is a determined entrepreneur. He came up with the idea of the Mini Pallets, observing how difficult it is to remove heavy packages manually. He started the business by investing his own money. Mini Pallets’s founder, Peter Kuhlmann’s net worth is unknown as of 2024.

Key accomplishments

2017Mini Pallets was featured on Shark Tank and secured a deal.


From their beginnings on Shark Tank to their current status as a thriving business, they have proven that with the right idea and execution, anything is possible. We can’t wait to see the future for Mini Pallets and its continued success.

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