“iCapsulate” Net worth Update 2023 (Before & After Shark Tank)

“iCapsulate” Net worth Update

iCapsulate” got featured on Shark Tank Australia in 2017 July. It was founded by Kane Bodiam.

Here is an update on iCapsulate’s net worth so far.

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iCapsulate’s Net worth before appearing on Shark Tank16.6 Million USD (Business Valuation)
iCapsulate’s Net worth [year between appearing and now]20202.5 Million USD
iCapsulate’s Current Net worth (2023)out of business in 2018 (0 USD)

iCapsulate’s founder Kane Bodiam has a net worth that is unknown.  

Special Remarks: iCapsulate Coffee pod company collapses after being offered the biggest ever Shark Tank deal. We checked their official website to have a follow-up. but the iCapsulate official website isn’t showing. To our eyes, it seems like iCapsulate is closed.

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