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Mangia Mangia Kitchen Nightmares Update – Still Open or Closed in 2024?

Mangia Mangia was a Woodland Park, Colorado restaurant featured on season 7 of Kitchen Nightmares. Gordon Ramsay visited the Mangia Mangia in mid-2013, and the episode aired in April 2014. As of 2024, Mangia Mangia is closed. 

Is Mangia Mangia still open or closed?

As of 2024, Mangia Mangia is closed in Woodland Park, Colorado, nearly a year after Gordon Ramsay’s visit. Mangia Mangia shut its doors in November 2014,  five months following the airing of the Mangia Mangia Kitchen Nightmares episode on television.

Episode Recap

Mangia Mangia was episode 5 of season 7.

Restaurant name Mangia Mangia
Owner  Julie
WaitersJanelle, Trevor, Kevin & Andrea 
Chef: Trevor
Original Episode Air DateApril 25, 2014
Mangia Mangia Address407 E Grace Ave Woodland Park, Colorado 80863
Is Mangia Mangia still open? (2024)Closed

Mangia Mangia update 2024 – Where are they now?

Despite Gordon Ramsay’s intervention and positive customer responses post-makeover, Mangia Mangia closed in November 2014.

In 2023, the location was a Jimmy John’s sub shop, and Julie Watson, the owner, works as a real estate agent. Chef Trevor overcame addiction, enrolled in culinary school, and worked as a sous chef at Sundance in Fort Collins. Ramsay did not revisit.

What happened to the owners of Mangia Mangia?

Reports on Trevor Peterson from the Mangia Mangia Kitchen Nightmares episode suggest that he has made positive strides in overcoming his challenges. A comment from Trevor’s father on the Kitchen Nightmares Facebook page mentioned that Trevor successfully completed a rehab program. Additionally, Trevor expressed plans to pursue further education by enrolling in culinary school, indicating a commitment to continue his career in the restaurant industry.

Restaurant location map  

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