Magic 5 Goggles, What Happened To the Magic 5 Goggles After The Shark Tank

What Happened To the Magic 5 Goggles After The Shark Tank

As many of you will know, finding a pair of swimming goggles you’re happy with is no easy task! They need to fit, not leak & they need to be comfy. Well, Magic5 decided to try and answer this once and for all.

What is Magic 5?

Magic 5 is a company that manufactures and distributes Goggles on a custom-fit basis. The Magic 5 Goggles Company uses various algorithms to provide a unique product to each customer, along with the perfect matching.

It means that among hundreds of world brands, Magic 5 is the best as they design goggles uniquely for different faces. With 3D printing technology and artificial intelligence, users enjoy a goggle that fits 100% to their faces.

How does Magic 5 goggles work?

Who is the founder of Magic 5

Bo Haaber from Brooklyn, New York, and Rasmus Barfred from Charlotte, North Carolina, are the first two founders of the Magic 5 company. Both founders were swimmers who had just got satisfied with swimming in a typical manner. When it comes to their third founder, Nicholas Granet, was a national swimmer on the Danish team as well.

What happened at the Shark Tank?

The founders of the magic five, Bo and Rasmus, want to have an investment from Shark tank. Bo and Rasmus took part in the Shark tank looking for 500,000 USD for 2.5%. 

Bo and Rasmus explained that they had reached more than 40,00 customers, including pro swimmers, celebrities, and athletes worldwide. 

After the statements and clarifications by magic 5 founders were over, sharks started a bidding war which showed Robert, a shark, to be more interested than other Sharks.  

Magic 5 shark tank update

The bidding war gave Robert the authority to invest and lend money for Magic 5. Also, the accepted offer was $1 million for 6.5%. According to various resources, Mark and Nirav will make offers as well. It means, shortly, Sharks will start to swim with the Magic Five goggles on.

What happened to the Magic 5 after the Shark Tank?

Magic 5 goggles are doing well after shark tank. They appeared in Men’s Health, Triathlete Magazine, The New York Times, Today, and Women’s Health. Magic 5 business will keep increasing steadily, especially as summer rolls around.

The company now offers five types of swimming goggles. You can check out all of their products on their website

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Magic 5 goggles net worth in 2022?

At the end of 2021, Magic Five Net worth was $15 million. But Magic Five’s net worth might be far higher than that. The company earns an estimated $774.32 thousand a year.

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How much do Magic 5 goggles cost?

The price of this product is found on its official website from $65 – $99 (You can also buy a bundle of three for $100-120 on sale.). This product is also being sold on Amazon. You can get the MAGIC 5 SWIMMING GOGGLES DISCOUNT CODE here.

Competitors off Magic 5

Among the competitors of Magic 5 company, the Cressi, Speedo, and Swimmers supply companies are crucial. Although these companies rush with innovative technology, the magic 5 company has the innovation and funding far beyond anyone.

The Magic 5 goggles Review


What is the magic five?

The Magic 5 is an innovative face-matching goggle manufacturing company that is also the first of its kind.

Who owns Magic 5 goggles?

Magic 5 Google sis owned by Ba Haaber, Rasmus barfred, nichloasBranet, and Robert Herjavec.

how much are the magic 5 goggles?

There are two prices for the magic five goggles. The customized goggles will be priced at $55 while uncustomized goggles will be priced at $14.

How much is the magic 5 company worth?

The approximate worth of the company is about $5.96 million.