Love and Pebble, What happened to the Love & Pebble Skin Care company after the shark tank

Love & Pebble, What happened to the Love & Pebble Skin Care company after the shark tank

Are you tired of seeking a skincare remedy to shrink your pores, tone up your skin, and de-puff your face? Do you think that nothing is gonna work? Don’t worry. We got good news for you.

Love & Pebble provides the magical skincare hack that you were looking for everywhere. Do you wanna know more? Okay, cool. Check this out.

Read what happened to Love & Pebble worth and net worth update in brief here.

What is Love and Pebble skincare?

Are you ready to hear the best skincare hack?

Love & Pebble is a skincare product company that revolutionalized skincare hacks that will make you fall in love with your beloved skin. Their winning product ‘The Beauty Pops’ doing miracles as we speak.

Simply it’s a lollypop to de-puff your face. Beauty Pops is an innovative product. It uses cryotherapy and the secrets of skin-loving face masks. It is handy, easy to use, and most importantly it loves your skin.

Love & Pebble is an innovative product rooted in cryotherapy and skin-loving face masks.

Who is the owner of Love and Pebble?

Lynda Truong and Paul Tran are the co-founders of Love & Pebbles, the natural skincare company inspired by the way penguins present their love. 

These two married love birds are teamed up in 2018 and come up with game-changing Beauty Pops, an innovative product made of natural antioxidant fruits in March 2020.

What happened at the Shark Tank?

Lynda and Paul came into the shark tank offering 10% equity of their company for $150,000.

Making a Beauty Pop for you is super easy. Pour the facial powder into a mold, stir it with water, place the stick, and freeze the mix for 4 hours. Your Beauty Pop is ready to nourish your skin.

Daniel and Mark were wondering about what may happen if they eat the Beauty Pop and when Paul said ‘It is eatable’ Mark has tried it, but the taste was not so good for him. 

Kevin was wondering about the comparative benefit of the product compared to water-based cryotherapy treatments. Then straightaway, Lynda and Paul have started to explain the specialty of their product. 

By profession, Paul is a pharmacist. Lynda had the habit of applying antioxidants on her face to treat Acne. Beauty Pops has combined these habits and professions.

Mr. Wonderful was curious about the sales performance.

‘Lifetime sales we are at $890,000’ Said Paul 

‘How many years it that?’ asked Kevin.

‘We just launched this product in March, in May we sold over $100,000 in four days’ Said Paul. This quick success is funded by a viral TikTok video of Lynda’s mother’s facial transformation.

According to Lynda, Beauty Pop costs $9.20 and they sell it for $46 with an 80% profit margin.

Love & Pebble is self-funded and when Paul said ‘She sold her house’ Daniel got amazed and Mark said ‘You Sold Your House’ in an exclamatory tone.

Kevin was curious about Love & Pebble’s performance in social media marketing. After Paul explained the question, after the sharks heard that Love and Pebbled were looking for a shark to reach the retail industry, Mark stated the risk of switching online to retailing.


‘It’s not a great fit for me, I’m out’ Said Mark. 

‘Guys this just isn’t for me as a product I’m sorry, I’m out.’ Kevin said.

Daniel also said no, due to matters in the product expertise. 

Lori thinks that both these love birds, should grow slowly. ‘it’s not the right product for me, I’m gonna go out. said Lori.

‘I think it is a wonderful business, but I don’t think it’s a business for an investor, I’m out.’ Said Barbara.

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What happened to the Love and Pebble After the Shark Tank

Love & Pebbled leaves the shark tank without a deal. However, the company continues its journey as a natural skincare provider and got featured in several best better magazines namely Life & Style, Bella, BuzzFeed, and Today.

The company still generating viral posts from its satisfied customers. Check out Love & Pebble’s official web page for this amazing product. 

The Love and Pebble net worth in 2022

Love and Pebble beauty pop haven’t won a shark tank deal. According to Lynda and Paul’s original offer, the company is worth around $ 1.5 million and the company is still operational and in good condition. Hence, the company may have grown up its net worth.

Competitors off Love & Pebble

There are no direct competitors for love and pebble beauty pops. The product is identical. However, California Natural Beauty Pops can be a competitor but their products are not available on Amazon.


What are love and pebble beauty pops?

Love and Pebble is a natural skincare product manufacturer and the Beauty Pops is its flanged product. These magical beauty pops contain antioxidant fruits and the product has launched in March 2020.

Who is the founder of love and pebble?

Lynda Truong and Paul Tran are the co-founders of Love & Pebbles. They are married and are teamed up in 2018 to provide a natural solution to de-puff your face.

Are love and pebble still in business?

The answer to this is ‘of course Yes.’ The company is still in operations and expanding its operations on the online platform. You can find love and pebble beauty pops on Amazon. 

How do I buy love and pebble beauty pops?

Love and pebble conduct its entire activities on the online platform. You can find their beauty pops on the love and pop official website and on Amazon.

Love and pebble net worth in 2022?

Lynda and Paul came into the shark tank offering 10% equity for $150,000. The offer has assigned a net worth of $1.5 million to the company. They haven’t won a shark but the company is still operational. Hence their net worth may have exceeded the original estimation.

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