Let Them Eat Candles Net Worth Update (Before & After Shark Tank)

Let Them Eat Candles’ net worth is $1.38 million as of May 2024. They are pulling in a whopping $675,000 in annual revenue. Let Them Eat Candles, an edible birthday cake candle-making company, was started by Loree Sandler and Bob Michelson in 2012.

In March 2024, they appeared on season 15 of Shark Tank USA and made a deal with Lori Greiner, for $250,000 for 18% of equity. The final valuation was $1.38 million, down from the founder’s initial estimate of $2.5 million.

For over a decade, the company has been actively running its business. The appearance on the show and securing a deal gave more visibility to their product. It appears that the company will have a positive growth in its trajectory. You can buy their products via the company website, and several other vendors including Walmart and Amazon.

Let Them Eat Candles Net Worth

Net worth$1.38 million (2024)
Annual Sales Revenue$675,000 (2023)
Profits$100,000 (2024)
Lifetime sales$2.3 million
InvestorLori Greiner
Investment$250,000 for 18% equity
FoundersLoree Sandler and Bob Michelson

Let Them Eat Candles Net Worth Timeline

Net worth valuation in 2024 after appearing on Shark Tank  $1.38 million
Net worth valuation in 2024 before appearing on Shark Tank  $2.5 million

Let Them Eat Candles Pitch on Shark Tank

ProductAn edible birthday cake candle
EpisodeSeason 15 Episode 17
Company nameLet Them Eat Candles
Founders Loree Sandler and Bob Michelson
Asked for$250,000 for 10% equity
Final deal$250,000 for 18% equity
SharkLori Greiner
LocationGlencoe, Illinois

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Let Them Eat Candles Founders

Loree Sandler and Bob Michelson founded Let Them Eat Candles in 2012. Loree initially came up with the idea of this business. To make her plan a reality she enrolled at Chicago’s French Pastry School and the Chocolate Academy where she learned how to create and mold chocolate. Her husband and business partner Bob, owns several other companies besides this one. Let Them Eat Candles’s founders Loree Sandler and Bob Michelson’s net worth is unknown as of 2024.

Key accomplishments

2016The company won the Best New Product award from Family Choice Health Services.  
2018Earned second place in the Chicago Regional Growth Corp Export Pitch.
2023 The company was featured on Shark Tank and secured a deal. 


From their beginnings on Shark Tank to their current status as a thriving business, they have proven that with the right idea and execution, anything is possible. We can’t wait to see the future for Let Them Eat Candles and its continued success.

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