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Le Bistro Kitchen Nightmares Update – Still Open or Closed in 2024?


Le Bistro was a restaurant in North Federal Highway, Florida, featured on season 3 of Kitchen Nightmares. Gordon Ramsay visited the Le Bistro in July 2009 and the episode aired in March 2010.  As of 2024, Le Bistro is open.

Is Le Bistro still open or closed?

Since the episode aired in March 2010, many are wondering whether Le Bistro is still open or closed. As of 2024, Le Bistro is still open in Florida nearly 15 years after Gordon Ramsay’s visit.

The restaurant could survive the Covid-19 pandemic as well. Most of the restaurants and businesses were closed due to the pandemic and Le Bistro remained still. If you want to have a meal at Le Bistro, reserve a table before you go.

Episode Recap

Le Bistro was episode 06 of season 03.

Restaurant name Le Bistro
OwnersAndy Trousdale and Elin Trousdale
WaitersHendrick, Alex, and Michael
ChefAndy Trousdale
Original Episode Air DateMarch 11, 2010
Le Bistro’s Address4626 N Federal Hwy Lighthouse Point, FL 33064
Is Le Bistro’s still open? (2024)Open 
4.5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (289)·$$$

Le Bistro update 2024 – Where are they now?

After Gordon Ramsay visited Le Bistro on Kitchen Nightmares, the restaurant became even more popular. It’s a true success story because Le Bistro is still open and serving customers in 2024, over a decade after the episode aired. The visit boosted the restaurant’s public image and turned out to be a great PR move. When it comes to the challenges, Le Bistro had a tough time during the Covid 19 pandemic. By now, the Yelp page for Le Bistro has earned an impressive 4-star rating based on over 179 reviews.

Gordon Ramsay went back to Le Bistro for the Kitchen Nightmares Revisited 5th episode in season 4, which was episode 8 airing on March 18, 2011. During his revisit, he found that the food had become delicious.

What happened to the owners of Le Bistro?

Andy and Elin Trousdale were the owners of Le Bistro in 2009 and still they are married. They live happily with his son while successfully running their restaurant.

Restaurant location map : 

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