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Kreyòl Essence Net Worth 2023 Update (Before & After Shark Tank)


Kreyòl Essence, Haitian castor oil beauty products, was started by Stephane Jean-Baptiste and Yve-Car Momperoussein 2013. As of September 2023, Kreyòl Essence net worth is $5 million and they’re pulling in a whopping $4 million in annual revenue. 

In January 2020, they appeared on season 11 of Shark Tank USA and made a deal with Kevin O’Leary, for  $400,000 for 5% of equity. The final valuation was $8 million, up from the founder’s initial estimate of $4 million.

Kreyòl Essence is still in business in 2023.Kreyòl Essence is a Haitian-owned company that specializes in natural hair and skin care products made with Haitian black castor oil and moringa oil. If you are also willing to buy their products, visit their official website.

Kreyòl Essence Net Worth

Net worth$5 million (2023)
Annual Sales Revenue$4 million (2023)
ProfitsNot publicly available
Lifetime salesNot publicly available
InvestorKevin O’Leary
FounderStephane Jean-Baptiste and Yve-Car Momperousse
Employees50 employees

Kreyòl Essence Net Worth Timeline

Net Worth 2023$5 million
Net Worth 2022$5 million
Net worth valuation 2020 after appearing on Shark Tank  $8 million
Net worth valuation 2020 before appearing on Shark Tank  $4 million

Kreyòl Essence Pitch on Shark Tank

Company nameKreyòl Essence
ProductHaitian castor oil beauty products
EpisodeSeason 11 Episode 11
Founders Stephane Jean-Baptiste and Yve-Car Momperousse
Asked for$400,000 for 10% equity
Final deal$400,000 for 5% equity
SharksKevin O’Leary
LocationMiami, Florida

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Kreyòl Essence Founders

Kreyòl Essence was founded by Stephane Jean-Baptiste and Yve-Car Momperousse in 2013. Momperousse is a Haitian-American entrepreneur and social activist. She was born and raised in Haiti, and she immigrated to the United States in 2004. Jean-Baptiste is a Haitian-American businessman and engineer. He is the co-founder and COO of Kreyòl Essence. He is also the founder and CEO of Jean-Baptiste Engineering, a civil engineering firm. Kreyòl Essence’s founders, Stephane Jean-Baptiste and Yve-Car Momperousse, have a net worth of $4.75 million as of 2023.

Key accomplishments

2020Appeared on Shark Tank season 11 and Kevin O’Leary invested $400,000 for 5% equity
2021Kreyòl Essence recovered from the pandemic and continued to grow its revenue.
2022Kreyòl Essence launched its own line of hair care products for children.


From their beginnings on Shark Tank to their current status as a thriving business, they have proven that with the right idea and execution, anything is possible. We can’t wait to see the future for Kreyòl Essence and its continued success.

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