iLoveEarth reusable coffee cup, what happened to iLoveEarth after the shark tank

The reusable coffee cup is a revolutionary business as well as an eco-friendly idea. Imagine that you are out of your home for a trip or any kind of visit and don’t carry with you the coffee mugs, water bottles, or something else. Or if you find it somewhere then it is made up of totally plastic and can’t be reused. Then you will surely like IloveEarth reusable coffee cups. Reusable coffee cups are environmentally friendly and are designed for you to use again and again. This will surely limit your expenditures when you are out for a trip. A lot of outstanding properties of these cups will amaze you. 

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iLoveEarth reusable coffee cup, what happened to iLoveEarth after the shark tank

You can easily manage space in your bag or pocket as these are foldable cups. 

This eco-friendly idea has changed the mind of many entrepreneurs and investors. Because everyone in the future would like to use products that are not harmful to the environment. It also demands less space and its handling is comparatively easy. 

Keeping in view all the pros and cons, Irina and Lilly proposed this idea.  

What is a reusable coffee cup?

A reusable coffee cup is a fantastic replacement for plastic or disposable coffee cups. It has great value in the market as well as in the life of human beings. It is also known as a reusable crumple collection. Keeping all the concerns in mind, Irina and Lilly started their own business of reusable coffee cups in Australia. 

The great and undeniable benefits of these cups urge everyone to use them. Just look at the wonderful characteristics of it:

These reusable coffee cups are kid-friendly, easy to carry, and safe to travel. These are heat-safe silicon. 

iLoveEarth reusable coffee cups are kid-friendly, easy to carry, and safe to travel.

Founder of ILoveEarth reusable coffee cup

Lilly and Irina are the founders of this ILoveEarth movement. The co-founders are a duo of mother-daughter. This duo worked passionately to overcome the alarming situation of pollution. Lilly is a young girl that came from a biomedical background having a grip on organic chemistry. With the help of her mother, she came up with an idea to minimize the overgrowing pollution in Australia. And eventually, she designed and manufactured a series of environmentally friendly products. 

The main products of Lilly’s business are crumple coffee cups that can be twisted and are collapsible. 

“The easily available coffee cups in the market have several fundamental problems. They were leaky, bulky, mainly made up of glass that can be broken or plastic that can leech harmful chemicals in the environment”

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What happened to Lilly and Irina’s offer in the Shark Tank?

 Lilly was passionate and excited while briefing her business plan to the Shark. She offered Shark Tank investors to invest $110k for a 30% stake. 

She proposed that these coffee cups are plastic-free and are 100% eco-friendly. At the same time, she was having cups with plastic lids and stands. she made an unauthentic statement about the reusable coffee cup. She said there is only one other competitor that is providing this kind of plastic-free and environmentally friendly coffee cup in America. And this twisted the whole story. Steve Baxter’s on-spot research proved that these kinds of cups are available everywhere but with a small change in design or manufacturing material. 

What happened to iLoveEarth after the Shark Tank?

The failure of getting investment in the Shark Tank did not stop Lilly and Irina. Instead, they made a fantastic business success in Australia. “After appearing in the Shark Tank, our business boomed and made crazy progress”, said Lilly. Now, it is the best eco-friendly product selling brand and has a lot of local investors. Every day in Australia, hundreds of people buy their products and leave positive feedback. 

“We got the amazing experience of proposing our business idea in Shark Tank and it was a wonderful part of the time”. 

“In the end, we are all about the environment and the health of human beings. We try to decrease the plastic volume in surroundings”.