How to Turn Your Car into the Perfect Rideshare Vehicle

When you opt to become a rideshare driver, you are deciding to engage in one of the most popular ways to earn a bit of extra cash in the gig economy.

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However, this also means that standing out among the hordes of other drivers and receiving a good rating means that you need to turn your ride into the perfect rideshare vehicle by always making sure that your passengers are comfortable, that you have portable sanitizer on hand and that your vehicle has all the other amenities a passenger could want.

If you are getting into ridesharing, here is what you need to equip your car with for a five-star rating.

1. Get a Dash Cam

One of the most important tips for new rideshare drivers is to procure a dash cam. The reason for this is that a dash cam will help to maintain safety by capturing video and audio of all that occurs while transporting passengers, thereby helping to protect you and them from poor behavior or false accusations.

This small piece of equipment can potentially save you a massive headache.

2. Purchase a Phone Mount

Rideshare drivers need to keep their eyes on the road. Therefore, purchasing a car phone mount will enable you to easily follow directions, accept new passengers and make phone calls much more safely.

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When exploring the different options available, understand that magnetic phone mounts are not only safe for your phone but they eliminate the problem of wrestling to get devices in and out of the mount, thereby making them particularly useful.

3. Own a Cell Phone Charging Block

To help make the ride more enjoyable for passengers, it is a good idea to have a cell phone charging block so that those in the backseat can charge their devices without you having to unplug yours.

Just make sure that you get a block that accepts both iPhone and Android devices.

4. Have Air Freshener Handy

The smell of a space is often one of the first things that people notice. Given that various people are going to be getting in and out of your vehicle after doing who knows what (drinking, traveling, smoking cigarettes, etc.) and potentially carrying food, small animals or other odorous items, it is essential to have air freshener on hand.

However, air fresheners often give off scents that mask other smells, thereby compounding issues or potentially causing headaches for passengers. That said, you might consider buying a portable air purifier instead, as this will help your car’s smell to remain neutral yet pleasant.

5. Carry Auxiliary Cords

It is almost certain that your passenger will enjoy their own music more than they do yours. This means that allowing them to listen to what they want will create a more enjoyable ride.

Therefore, it is wise to carry a couple of auxiliary cords so that they can plug their phone into your vehicle’s audio system. Just make sure that you purchase one that is long enough to comfortably reach the backseat.

6. Keep Cleaning Supplies Available

When you are hosting an untold number of people in your vehicle at all hours of the day and night, things might get a bit messy. Therefore, you should be prepared for accidental spills, dirty feet and possibly even vomit.

Be sure to have some sanitizer, spray cleaner, towels and other types of cleaning supplies at the ready. You never know when you’ll need them.

7. Stash Some Vomit Bags

As was just mentioned, there is the possibility that some carsick passenger might yack in your ride. Therefore, save yourself the cleanup by carrying some vomit bags in the seatback pockets.

8. Pack a First Aid Kit

Even if you weren’t becoming a rideshare driver, it is still prudent to carry a first aid kit in your vehicle for minor injuries.

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First aid kits are great for helping those with small scrapes, cuts, burns, splinters, an upset stomach or the like. Additionally, since first aid kits can be procured at any local drug or department store, you won’t have to search hard to find a decent one.

9. Bring Water Bottles for the Ride

Passengers will always appreciate being offered a bottle of water when getting into the vehicle, particularly on hot days.

This is just one of those nice touches that will help you stand out as a driver.

10. Possess a Flat Repair Kit

If you get a flat tire as a hard-working rideshare driver, it can ruin your entire shift. Therefore, it is wise to keep a flat tire repair kit in your car to help bail you out of a tough spot.

Rideshare the Right Way

Being a good rideshare driver is all about keeping your passengers safe and comfortable. By procuring the items listed above, you can help to ensure that getting a lift in your vehicle exceeds passenger expectations on both of those fronts.