The 3 Main Roles In An Agile Team

The 3 Main Roles In An Agile Team

Agile project management has made its way to the top because of its speed, but you should know that many teams claim to be agile and are still not working that quickly. One of the biggest mistakes that most companies make while using the agile approach is considering it just as a template to copy and paste from the source. This type of approach will never work out while using an Agile project management approach.

If you want to boost the speed, stay ahead of your goals and deliver results on time, then the one thing that you will have to do is make agile utterly adaptable to your team. And for doing so, you have to get familiar with the three prominent roles in agile teams.

Product owner

If you are considering the project as a ship, then the product owner will be playing the role of captain in that ship. It will be the owner’s duty to establish order, keep the project on the right track; he will always have the final say on any changes being made in the project. By describing the work, the product owner will keep on improving the quality of deliveries and thus maximizing the success of the project.

A product owner can be anyone from the top management team. He can also be a top-level executive of the company. It will be the product owner’s duty to define all the end goals and the tasks that need to be completed to achieve the end goal. In addition to this, the product owner must have a complete idea about the product’s existence, and he should be passionate about it as well. This is one of the essential roles in agile teams.

Scrum master

If you consider the product owner as the ship’s captain, you will have to consider the scrum master as his first mate. The master will have the responsibility of the crew’s welfare, and it will be his duty to make sure that everyone in the team is strictly following the protocols. The master will play an essential role in the agile team’s success as he will have to give deadlines, guidance, support, and required assistance to the team members.

You should also know that master is one of the most agile in roles, and this is why to become a master, one needs to possess many skills.

Team members

Team members will be the biggest chunk of all agile teams, and in your agile ship, they will act as active crew members. Every team member will come along with a unique set of skills and experience, and this is how they will be adding value to the team. As long as things are being done on time, the agile approach will demand both creativity and autonomy.

It will be the team members who will get things done for you. They will be the ones who will be accepting the assignment, and they will be the ones who will work in collaboration with other team members. It will be the duty of every team member to support each other.

If you are clear about the different roles in an agile team, then you can keep away the nightmare of overlapping and confusion in a team. The three prominent roles in an agile team will be the same for every business type and industry.