Rent a projection screen is an indispensable service, necessary to equip business, official events, weddings, celebrations, anniversaries, corporate parties, which is considered an excellent opportunity to show not only presentation or work material to partners or colleagues, but also photo and video compilation for your guests, friends or relatives. Also, renting a screen will allow you to turn a cafe or a regular restaurant into a sports bar!

You will be the organizer of a corporate party, and you want your colleagues do not miss anything that happens on the stage in the back rows?

Projection screen rental

 Our technical support will help you to organize your space competently and achieve the best view for your guests. They will help you to choose the most suitable models of projection screens, deliver and install for free. You can’t do without screens, especially of large size, and we will help you to solve all problems connected with it quickly and with high quality! Rent a projector

 Contact us and you will not have to worry about assembly, technical side, disassembly of devices and delivery. Projection screens for rent for indoors or outdoors, for modest or large events.

Our work is a guarantee of success for your celebration! More

The main factor for selecting a projection screen is the size of the room.

If you want to make a presentation in a small hall (up to 50-70 people) a tripod screen 180*180 cm will do.

For the hall with the capacity of more than 50 people a frame screen of 220*300 cm or a tripod screen 244*244 cm will do.

If your program actively involves a screen or plasma, if there is more than one – use the services of a specialist who will be responsible for the replay of your material. Also make sure that the presenter has a “clicker” – a device for remote control to switch slides and pictures. Ask the manager of the rental company about the availability of this device in advance.

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