How to build a scalable solar power station?

Although the future seems a bit ahead, it has passed several decades since we entered the future we dreamed of. If you look at the past, you might remember that people started to think of alternative energy sources over a couple of decades.

Although people have wanted to have a revolutionized energy source so far, it has been a struggle to find a specific energy solution instead of the electricity we use. The best solution for this issue is to move along with your choices. If you have sun all day clear, solar power will be the best option you have. This article will guide you on How to build a scalable solar power station in just 09 steps

1. The Budget Allocation

The budget is the most important step in scalable solar power station installation. You must know that the idea may be fulfilled with various budget alternatives. If you want to set up a scalable solar power station with a budget of $5000, that will be a possibility. But, after considering the best outcome, you have to manage a budget of around $300 to get the best outcome. Purchasing a solar panel, Battery, battery box, DC input, and inverter will have to be conducted within the motioned budget range.

2. Purchasing a small Solar panel

As the next step, you must purchase a solar panel for your solar power station. The most important thing is to cover the minimum voltage airing. You are required to supply a minimum of 12 volts supply and f you can extend that up to 16 volts within a $100 budget that will be appreciated. You are free to refer to a marine supplies store or for the best prices as well. 

3. Purchasing A battery

The purchasing of a battery is the next step. You must purchase a rechargeable battery from one of the stores in your area. It will be better if you can also have a 12-volt lead/acid or gel battery from the store. Usually, deep cycle batteries are the best choice for you in this particular step. If your car has a struggling battery that has more minor issues, you will be able to use that. Also, you can simply refer to LiFePo4 Battery, one of the best in the business.

4. Purchasing a battery box

The parching of a battery box is the next step you have to refer to next. The battery box installation is crucial if you are going to set up the power station in the petrol shed, boat, or any place where children are available. Since the exposure of the battery terminals is an essential need, you must conduct this purchase. You can find a 12-volt DC meter for $25 from a store in your area. You are advised to refer to professional assemblers such as LiFePo4 Battery for obtaining the best parts as well.

5. DC Input Purchasing

You must find a DC input for your supposed solar power station. If you have reparable fans, lights, hair dryers, rechargeable electric items, table lamps, and vacuum cleaners, you can find a DC input pretty easily. The most important thing is that you can easily find a DC input without spending money. 

6. Install an AC inverter

Although you don’t intend to use the station for AC appliances, it will be better if you take the necessary actions for that. You will have to turn the DC in the Battery to AC to your home appliances most of the time. The best way to do that is up to 115 volts and 140 watts. You may find an AC inverter for about $50.

7. Attaching the Meter and DC Input

You must attach the meter and DC input to the top of the box. Since you can’t do this with your bare hands, you will have to use a drill. The use of the eligible drill is up to you. If you don’t have the equipment and knowledge, you will have to refer to a professional.

8. Attaching the Meter to the Wingnut Terminals on the Battery

You must use the insulated Wire when Attaching the Meter to the Wingnut terminal. You will find them right on the Battery. This is just a matter of a few minutes, and you will learn it using a YouTube video if it seems hard to conduct.

9. Closing the lid

As the last step, you must close the lid of your station. Keeping it tightened is the essential thing to mind, and you will have to use a bungee cord.


Now you are all done and what you have to do is to charge the Battery. You must place the solar panel on a surface where the sunlight receives all day. It has to be free from animal attacks and trees as birds may put their dumps onto the solar panel. Usually, it will take more than 3 hours to charge a dead battery. You will be able to use the scalable solar panel for powering up radios, fans, and small wattage lights, televisions, and household electric devices you have.