All of us have experienced the positive impact of Instagram. We also spend hours scrolling through their engaging Instagram feeds. A brand must have an active Instagram presence and visibility to succeed.

Brands and event organizers are now leveraging Instagram engagement to make it part of their events. Brands can organize hashtag campaigns, create event-exclusive filters and post stories. They can even collaborate with Instagram influencers.

Every brand is capitalizing on this trend. But how do you harness the power and engagement of Instagram in your events? Let us introduce you to the Instagram Wall to create unforgettable event experiences for your attendees.

What is an Instagram Wall? Let’s find the answer!

What Is An Instagram Wall?

An Instagram wall is an engaging tool that enables brands to collect their preferred Instagram content, curate it into a wall and display it during events. Many tools like Taggbox Display offer customization and moderation features that help brands build an Instagram wall that blends well with their event’s theme. 

Event organizers can quickly create an Instagram wall using hashtags, handles, stories, reels, etc. In addition, it opens up many opportunities for event organizers to offer their attendees something beyond the basic event format by adding the element of ‘social’ with the Instagram wall. So why do you need to bring the Instagram wall to your next event?

Why Bring The Instagram Wall To Your Next Event?

Here are your top 5 reasons to have the amazing Instagram Wall for your next event and ace the game of event engagement like no other!

  1. Boost Event Engagement Rate

Boosting the event engagement rate has become an avid part of every event’s success journey. With an Instagram wall, all this is possible as you not only get to bring the engaging Instagram content to your event, but you also get to grab the attention of your event attendees and offer them something beyond a regular event format. This boosts your event engagement rate, which leads to more event success.

  1. Run Hashtag Campaigns With Real-time Updates

The best part about an Instagram wall is that it offers a real-time update option. So, it opens up tremendous opportunities for you as an event organizer to run hashtag campaigns on Instagram and showcase the live campaign on the Instagram wall during the event. It is a great strategy to bring more attention to your hashtag campaign and encourage your event attendees to create content for you.

  1. Instil Social Proof In The Event Attendees

Collect user-generated content created by your event attendees before and during the event and showcase it in your event using the Instagram wall for events. When your other event attendees will see how well you have showcased the attendees’ content in the event, it will instil social proof in them and will encourage them to create more event-oriented content. This will help you generate more buzz around your event and gain more prospects.

  1. Promote Sponsored Content 

Promoting sponsored content is another great benefit offered by the Instagram wall. Every event is incomplete without its sponsors, and we often put up our sponsors’ branding around the event venue to promote them and give them exposure. But imagine giving them a dedicated space where they get to promote their Instagram content. Promote your event sponsors content on the Instagram wall by fetching their Instagram content and displaying it. It will give them exposure. Not only that, but many Instagram wall tools offer analytics and audience insights that help you track the Instagram wall’s performance at your event. This opens up an excellent opportunity to provide your sponsors with some real numbers to rely on. It will create a good impression on your sponsors and they will always be ready to sponsor your future events.

  1.  Boost Ticket Sales For Future Events

If you haven’t already realised that the Instagram wall can be the most attractive part of your event, then you might be missing out on a lot. Bringing the engaging Instagram wall to your event can help you grab the attention of your audience. This opens up a great opportunity to promote your upcoming event. You can even sell your tickets on spot and showcase your upcoming event posters on the Instagram wall. This will help you boost your upcoming event sales like never before!

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

Now that we have made it to the end of this blog, we hope you better understand adding the Instagram wall to your next event. We gave you some of the most valid and insightful reasons for having an Instagram wall for your next event. Need we say more to convince you? If not, why not hop on this trail that leads to the highest event engagement and conversions?

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