Hello Prenup, What happened to the Hello Prenup Online Prenuptial Agreement Service after the shark tank

here is a quick recap about Hello Prenup after shark tank.

Love is amazing when the right partner comes into your life.

How do you know whether your fiance or fiancee is the right partner? Have you ever thought about that? We bet you have at the beginning of your relationship. But if you still have doubts, then this opportunity is for you.

Read what happened to Hello Prenup worth and net worth update in brief here

What is Hello Prenup?

Hello Prenup, What happened to the Hello Prenup Online Prenuptial Agreement Service after the shark tank

What will happen to me if my partner left me behind?

Prevention is always better than cure. Say bye-bye to the traditional, expensive, and time-consuming process to get a prenuptial agreement. Hello Prenup has made it up to you. Your prenuptial agreement is only a few clicks away.

First, you go to their website, then fill up their questionnaire, then ‘boom’, Your Prenuptial Agreement is ready.


Who Is The Founder Of Hello Prenup?

Julia Rodgers is the masterminded lady entrepreneur behind the face of this great idea. She’s a divorce attorney at a top law firm in Boston, Massachusetts.

After conducting a comprehensive study about the nature of prenuptial agreements Julia has identified the need for a technical co-founder. So she has hired Sarabeth Jaffe, who is a software engineer at Microsoft in March 2021.

Hello Prenup SHARK TANK update 

Julia and Sarabeth came into the shark tank offering 10% shares of the company for $150,000.

They have worked through zoom and haven’t physically met before. Amazing right?

When Robert asked ‘How many prenups have you written?’ the two ladies got a bit agitated and Sarabeth said ‘We’ve written over 25 prenups’. Figure 25 has got Mr. Wonderful a bit confused, you can say it by his body language.

Then both ladies started saying reasons for the low conversion rate. However, after Kevin asked ‘How much have you made?’ Sarabeth said ‘Yes, we have made $20,000 in lifetime sales’ and Mark scratched his head.

Continuing the conversation further, Kevin asked ‘So Let’s talk about the next year, What are you going to make?’ ‘Our most conservative projection is $4.1 million Sarabeth replied. After hearing that the sharks were mute for a moment and then, Robert said ‘That is an absolute dream.’

After communicating about customer acquisition, and selling price, Kevin made his judgment and said ‘No’. Lori and Mark also said ‘No’

Three sharks including Mr. Wonderful, a master in the wedding industry are out. Robert and Nirav are yet to give their judgments.

Robert believes most prenups are gone through lawyers, so he also said ‘Out’. Then Julia and Sarabeth started explaining the prenup need for the Millenials. They seem desperate.

Hellow Prenup Shark Tank Deal

After explaining the importance of the small-level technology-based companies, Nirav said

‘I believe in you guys, I believe in the space, I do believe there is a market, and I think it will come to you.’

Nirav at shark tank pitch

Nirav has made his offer of $150,000 for a 30% stake.

Julia and Sarabeth were a bit shocked because the equity share is tripled. Nirav asked for a counteroffer, and Julia said ‘$150,000 for 20%’. ‘Okay Let’s meet in the middle I’ll come down to 25% because I believe in you guys’ Nirav said.

After hearing that Sarabeth has invited Kevin to collaborate with them and Kevin and Nirav together have made a counteroffer for the tricky ladies. $150,000 for 30% stake.

Then Julia and Sarabeth both said ‘Yes, We Accept’ and that’s how the company shark tank deal concluded.

What Happened To The Hello Prenup After Shark Tank?

The appearance in the shark tank has jumped the website traffic of the company from 2800 visitors to over 30,000 per month. Sales after the original air date of the shark tank episode have increased by 545%.

Hello Prenup uses the funds from the shark deal to do more research to boost the accuracy level of their predictions. The deal with sharks was finalized in December 2021.

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Hello Prenup Net Worth in 2022

Julia and Sarabeth had come into the shark tank offering 10% equity for $150,000. It assigned Hello Prenup a net worth of $1.5 million. However after they have accepted the offer from Kevin and Nirav, the company’s net worth has estimated at half a million USD.

However, the company is still operational with drastic improvements. Hence the net worth may also be increased.

“Hello Prenup” Net worth Update (Before & After Shark Tank)

Competitors of Hello Prenup

Hello prenup is a super fresh idea and now they are dominating the market. They have no significant rivals for their services.


Who owns Hello Prenup?

Julia Rodgers is the founder of Hello Prenup. She’s a divorce attorney at a top law firm in Boston, Massachusetts. She’s a masterminded female entrepreneur with a great vision based on logical values.

Did Hello Prenup get a deal on a shark tank?

Yes, Indeed. Hello Prenup got a shark tank deal. The company has won two sharks including Mr. Wonderful the giant shark in the wedding planning industry along with Nirav, the internet-based entrepreneur. The perfect combination for Hello Prenup.

How is Hello Prenup Doing?

Only one word is available to explain this. ‘Exceptional’ Hello Prenup has increased its website visitors from 2800 to 30,000 over one night and the company has finalized its shark tank deal in December 2021.

What is Hello Prenup’s net worth?

The original deal tabled by Julia and Sarabeth valued Hello Prenup at $1.5 million but acceptance of the offer from Kevin and Nirav devalued the company to $0.5 million. The company is still operational, so the net worth now may have jumped up.