The Hampster Dance or Hampsterdance is one of the earliest examples of an Internet meme. And if you’re old enough to remember the website, those dancing hamsters are burned into your brain.

what is the hamster dance?

The Hampster Dance is a Web page (initially a GeoCities page) with just four hamsters animated GIFs, repeated in rows by the dozens and with an infectious background tune that looped endlessly. The clip is a nine-second looped WAV file.

download hamster dance meme [1999]

Hamster Dance meme, one of the earliest Internet meme
The original Hamsterdance website.

Who made the Hampster Dance?

Hampster Dance was created by a Canadian art student named Deidre LaCarte as a GeoCities page. He created the Hampsterdance as an homage to her pet hamster.

What is a hamster dance song based on?

 “Hamster Dance Song” is originally from the classic Disney animated film Robin Hood. 

when did the hamster dance come out?

The hamster dance was created in 1998 and it goes viral in 1999 on email and early blogs. The Hampster Dance Song/Released in 2000.

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is the hamster dance song copyrighted?

Yes. Deidre LaCarte said: “We formed a company, Hampton Hampster Productions, with Jeff, Hazel, and myself. We got the name copyrighted because you can spell hamster with a p or without a p”.

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