ROFLCOPTER Meme | silly text art helicopter becomes a meme 

The Roflcopter is an internet meme that featured a GIF of a helicopter designed in ASCII, a character encoding standard used on computers. Its propellers, made of the letters ROFL and LOL, were made to look like they were spinning. It is used to express extreme amusement.

What does Roflcopter mean?

ROFLCOPTER means “Rolling On Floor Laughing, Rotating Like A Helicopter.”

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ROFLCOPTER meme "Rolling On Floor Laughing, Rotating Like A Helicopter."
ROFLCOPTER meme “Rolling On Floor Laughing, Rotating Like A Helicopter.”

What’s the origin of the Roflcopter meme?

It was inspired by the in-game flying vehicle called a “gyrocopter”. The slang was allegedly coined in 2003 by moderators on a World of Warcraft III forum about a vehicle in that online game.

One year after the term was coined, the “Roflcopter” web page launched. Though popularized by the image at (a website, now defunct) in 2004, the term appears to have enjoyed some use in 2003.

Players would often mass-produce the gyrocopter to troll other players. According to one forum user, a blitz by gyrocopters makes one “ROFL for ten straight minutes.”

Here is Roflcopter meme collection that will make you laugh.

How did the Roflcopter meme spread?

Due to the popularity of the GIF, a Flash-based game came out in 2005. It’s allowing players to control the “Roflcopter”, and shoot OMG and WTF bombs and missiles at enemies.

The web page is not in use anymore, but the GIF is still in circulation.

You can also view the ROFLCOPTER: Movie on various pages, including YouTube, made by fans. It features people being chased by a laughing helicopter. It also inspired the name of a toy store, Roflcopter Toys & Gifts, in Jersey City, NJ.

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