Here is All you need to know about Flying Spaghetti Monster meme

Here is All you need to know about Flying Spaghetti Monster meme

The flying Spaghetti Monster meme was a famous meme in the USA, Canada, and Europe from 2005 to the present. Let’s dig a little deeper into how Flying Spaghetti Monster became meme material for millions of Internet and social media users around the globe.

The origin of the Flying Spaghetti Monster meme

Flying Spaghetti Monster became an internet sensation from a web post released by a university student named Bobby Henderson. Flying Spaghetti Monster is a parody religion with followers named “Pastafarians.” This Flying Spaghetti Monster has two large meatballs and a large floating mass of spaghetti.

Reasons why It went Viral

Flying Spaghetti Monster became famous because of a news article in a news site named BoingBoing and an article from Newyork Times. This meme is used as a parody of religion among Internet and social media users as an alternative to other religions.

The flying Spaghetti Monster Meme was used in expressing various expressions by many types of communities across the social media sphere.

Here are some cool ones we found.

Current situation of Flying Spaghetti Monster meme’s original creators

The founder of this meme and Pastafarianism was Bobby Henderson in 2005. Now he is a physics graduate and lives in the USA.

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