Google Mocks Apple's Upcoming iPhone 15 in Latest Ad

For years, the iPhone and Android debate has been a hot topic among tech fans in the U.S. Now, Google’s thrown a playful jab with its new “Spa Day” ad, part of their #BestPhonesForever series.

Imagine this: an iPhone and a Google Pixel, chilling in a spa. The iPhone takes a trip down memory lane, talking about its old slide-to-unlock feature from 16 years back. But the real chuckle comes when the iPhone hints at finally getting the USB Type-C port, something Android phones have had for a while. The Pixel’s witty comeback adds a fun twist.

While some might see this as a dig, it’s more of a playful exchange between the two tech giants, highlighting their friendly competition.

Interestingly, Google sent out its event invites just a day after Apple announced its iPhone 15 “Wonderlust” event, scheduled for September 12. The ad subtly hints at the Pixel 8 launch on October 4.

A key change for the iPhone 15 is the expected shift from the Lightning port to USB-C. This decision, driven by European regulations, means Apple devices like the Mac, iPhone, and iPad will soon share a universal charging method.

So, with the iPhone 15 on the horizon, it leaves us wondering: What other cool stuff will Apple unveil? Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

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