Ghostly Green Comet Makes A ‘Once In A Lifetime’ Appearance In September!

The ghostly green comet is ready to make itself visible to the Naked eye! But this is no ordinary comet. The comet has a mysterious origin and will not appear again until the year 2317! The comet is named ‘Nishimura‘ and it was discovered last month by Hideo Nishimura. Let’s dive in to know more about this stunning discovery.

The comet’s discovery took everyone by surprise as it appeared only for 30 seconds on a digital camera. It has a flashy green and thin tail. The comet is now heading towards the Sun. It will take its close approach there on September 12, 2023, and September 17, 2023. The comet will be visible to the naked eye, according to reports. Nasa also shared space imagery of Nishimura that was taken three days ago from June Lake, California, USA.

Image source: NASA Science | Dan Bartlett

Nishimura comet is increasing its brightness. The flashy green comet brightens up to +3 or +2 magnitude in early September. The comet has an orbital period of over 200 years. 1588 is the last time it came close to the sun. This September appearance is surely a ‘once in a lifetime,‘ as you will not get to see it for hundreds of years!

On September 12, 2023, the comet will be 125 million kilometers from our planet. But its closest and brightest appearance is on September 17, 2023, as it will be less than 34 million kilometers from the sun. On the 17th the comet will be at its closest point in orbit and will also glow the brightest! It will be visible to the naked eye during a sunset or sunrise. The unpredictability is however infuriating as many are eager to see it.

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