Southfield Company Introduces AI-Powered Heart Scanner to Spot Heart Risks Early

Heart attacks strike someone in the U.S. every 40 seconds. Michigan’s 2018 records show that about 25,000 people over 35 faced hospital stays due to these attacks. But there’s hope. Experts believe spotting early signs can prevent many of these incidents.

Southfield’s Corazon Imaging is stepping up. They’ve rolled out a top-notch heart scanner, making heart check-ups more accessible. This tool, named CCTA + FFR-CT, uses AI to get a detailed look at the heart.

Abir Mehana, Corazon Imaging’s CEO, shared the ease of this test. “It’s a quick, noninvasive scan, done in 5-10 minutes,” she said. While Michigan has only two such devices, Corazon’s is unique. It’s the first on wheels, serving the metro Detroit area.

Here’s a concern: regular heart tests often overlook 50%-70% of heart issues. But this new scanner? It misses less than 1%. With two mobile units, Corazon checks about 40 folks daily. And they’re planning to reach even more in Detroit soon.

Price or location won’t be barriers, assures Mehana. Her drive is personal. She lost her brother Joe, 47, to a heart issue that tests didn’t catch. “Saving lives now feels like saving Joe’s,” Mehana said, urging everyone to get regular heart check-ups.Want to know more about Corazon Imaging and their work? Click here for details.

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