Fish Fixe, What happened to the Fish Fixe Seafood Delivery business after the shark tank

Fish Fixe, What happened to the Fish Fixe Seafood Delivery business after the shark tank

Among several seafood delivery brands, Fish Fixe company tries to maintain quality as its number one priority. It was formed in July 2017, and they have come a long way within those 4years and 09 months.

They took part in Shark Tank to improve their quality in the delivery process.

Read what happened to Fish Fixe’s worth and net worth update here.

What is Fish Fixe?

The bad odor, having the lowest quality after the delivery, and the minor quality are a few reasons for the scary nature of seafood. Fish Fixe is a seafood delivery company with experts in the field who can answer all seafood-related problems. 

Also, they have an odor-absorbing material as the packaging, and the odorless use of seafood is a benefit they provide to their customers. They do door-to-door delivery along with seafood as well as value-added seafood products.

Fish Fixe delivers premium responsibly sourced seafood to your door

Who is the founder of Fish Fixe?

Emily Castro and Melissa Harrington are the company’s founders, and Melissa is the company’s CEO. They formed it in 2017, and their long relationship has significantly impacted the company’s starting.

What happened at the Shark Tank

The pair of Emily and Melissa came into Shark Tank seeking $200,000 for equity of 15%. Their social media platform was solid, but the distribution had become difficult due to the increased demand in recent times.

Therefore, the pair was looking for a Shark who could help them with that. Also, they found a Shark at the end of the show! She was Lori, one of the Sharks who promised a contribution of $200 000 and demanded equity of 15%. Also, the Shark was happy about their packaging, and she saw lots of potential in the Fish Fixe’s possession.

Along with a tweet, she stated,

“Luv that they thought of everything…even a no odor bag to discard the seafood!” But, She did not say much about that after that.

Lori at shark tank pitch

What happened to the Fish Fixe After the Shark Tank

The deal was finalized with Lori after the women left the show. On the same night, the women, Lori, Melisa, and Emily, appeared in a photo on Facetime, stating the show was a great inspiration. But, the company did not show much about their changed attitude or the delivery process. The firm intends to go along with Lori’s investments and provide a decentralized distribution across the East and West coasts.

The utmost expectation of this step is to provide an effective service to the customers. Also, the company needed to deliver products that were 100% recyclable materials. The new packaging will come up with 100% recycled materials to facilitate a convenient and environmentally friendly creation for the market.
But, the pricing has not changed yet as the packaging has not come to the market as they are focusing on. Along with the improvised social media camping, the company is in a better place compared to the position they were in.

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The Fish Fixe net worth

According to reliable sources, they have a net worth of over $500,000 annually, and they are expecting to cross one million barriers within the next couple of years. Also, the approximate net worth of the company is around 1.2M USD.

Competitors off Fish Fixe

The Fish Fixe is the number one of its kind, having the best quality as well as the delivery quality. However, it has competition from similar brands such as Rastelli’s, Fulton’s Fish, LobsterAnywhere, KnowSeafood.


What is the fish fix?

The Fish Fixe is a door-to-door seafood delivery service based in Texas, United States.

Who owns Fish Fixe?

Emily Castro and Melissa Harrington are the owners of the company. Also, Lori got 15% shares of the company after the fish fixe shark tank.

Where is fish fixe based?

The company is based in Texas, and they do their deliveries to the East and West coast.

Did Fish Fixe get a deal on Shark Tank?

Yes, they got a deal with Lori, one of the Sharks who took part in the Shark Tank.

Fish fixe shark tank update

The deal of 15% equity for $200,000 went positive for Lori, who enjoyed the deal and the states of the Fish Fixe company.

Fish fixe net worth 2021

The company has a net worth of 1.2M USD.