First Defense Holdings

First Defense Holdings is a pioneering company in the healthcare industry, specializing in innovative nasal screen products designed to provide effective respiratory protection.

First Defense Holdings, is a leading healthcare company committed to enhance respiratory protection through innovative Nasal Screen products. It is founded by Joe Moore in 2011. Their mission revolves around safeguarding individuals from airborne contaminants while ensuring comfort and ease of use. With a focus on continuous innovation and customer satisfaction, the company’s future goals include expanding their product line, advancing research in respiratory health, and promoting a healthier, safer environment for all.


Joe Moore



Industry Type

Health care





Operating Status

In Business

First Defense Holdings has two employee profiles, among Joseph Moore is President & Chief Executive Officer. 

Employee Profiles

Joe Moore, First defense nasal founder

Joseph K Moore

President & Chief Executive Officer

Kenneth Seabol

Vice President

Advisor Profiles

Parker Small


Dr. Shih-Wen Huang


Dr. John Michael Nassif


annual revenue

$10 Million

Funding Rounds

First Defense Holdings has raised two funding rounds. We are working on getting information. 


We are working on getting information. 

Katie Shea

JL Company LLC




First Defense Holdings has received the patent for Nasal filter structure (Publication ID : US-9132300-B2)

Featured on Shark Tank season 2 of Shark tank USA.


Stuck cooperation with filter your life Healthcare Private Limited in India to distribute products.


Breaking records of Shark Tank Products. To fight against COVID-19, introduced Nasal Screens with an additional layer to defend against viruses.

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