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First Defense Nasal Screens are designed to protect the respiratory system from air pollutants, germs, and allergens. The founder, Joe Moore, has been making significant strides in improving respiratory health through his company, First Defense Nasal Screens. This innovative product graced the Shark Tank show stage in 2011. With a comfortable design, these nasal screens offer a solution to improve respiratory health and breathing easily in any environment.


In this article, we will discover how this product can revolutionize your respiratory health, user experience, where to buy the products, and why it’s worth your consideration etc.

First Defense Nasal Screens Overview

First Defense Nasal Screen is a next-level product for your respiratory well-being. These little kits shield your nasal passage from airborne pollutants, allergens, dust, and those pesky germs. Unlike those bulky masks, it fits into your nostrils and you feel free to breathe without any hassle. For manufacturing First Defense Nasal Screens, has used eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices.


First-defense nasal screens are available in three sizes:

This commitment supports the security of human beings and the environment. To reduce the risk of respiratory infections, it is the smart and responsible choice for today’s health-conscious world.

How to use the First Defense Nasal Screens?

As small adhesive devices, First Defense Nasal Screens designed to be worn over your nostrils. It helps to filter out airborne particles and provide protection against allergens and some viruses. They can be used in various settings, such as during outdoor activities, travel, or crowded places.



For effective use of First Defense Nasal Screens,

User Experience of First Defense Nasal Screens

The user experience with First Defence Nasal Screens is generally positive. Many users report high satisfaction with the product and appreciate the value of the nasal screens for allergies and polluted environments. Real-world testing confirms the effectiveness of First Defense Nasal Screens in reducing allergies and infections.


“These adhesive nasal filters eliminate my allergy symptoms while I’m wearing them.” – Jennifer Strong


“I have to wear these when I’m dusting and cleaning the house. They really work for me. I bought them because of how well they work” – Katie


However, some individuals experienced discomfort with this product.


“I bought these filters mostly for work because I deal with people who smoke but still carry that smoke on their bodies and I can smell them a mile away.” – Joel L.


“I honestly didn’t like this product, I tried it out and it kept falling off my nose every single time, I went through the first pack the same week I bought it, It was also hard for me to breathe with it.” – Melanie


Value Proposition

Analyzing the value for the price of this product, some users are satisfied with this product and it’s reasonable with the price. But some reviews of users have mentioned the price is high for this product. However, some consider it relatively expensive when compared with traditional face mask prices.

Pros and Cons

  • 01. Effective protection.
  • 02. Easy to bring & wear.
  • 03. Eco-friendly kit.
  • 04. Different sizes are available for different individuals.
  • 01. Cannot be easily used in high humidity areas as adhesive comes off.
  • 02. Difficult to remove from dry skin.
  • 03. These screens may not be suitable for those experiencing allergy symptoms like a runny nose.

Where to buy the first defense nasal screen?

To get your hands on First Defense Nasal Screens, you can purchase their products from the company website and popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Walmart.