Fax from Gmail – Send Fax on the Google Workspace (for Free)

 While Gmail does not have an integrated email to fax feature, this does not preclude us from using a third-party service. In just a few minutes, you can connect a fax number to your Gmail email address by using an online fax service. This function enables you to send and receive faxes using only your email address, and it also serves as a landline that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A fax service provider can allow you to send a fax online by writing an email, as shown below. Simply send an email to the recipient with the recipient’s fax number and the file you want to fax attached. Since emails and faxes use different technologies, this won’t work if you don’t already have a fax service account. The conversion is possible thanks to your provider’s efficient email to fax servers. ​

CocoFax: The Best Fax Service

CocoFax is a top-rated online fax service that offers a lot more than just email faxing. Not only can you fax by email, iPhone, or fax on an Android phone with CocoFax, but you can also fax from a variety of other channels. And, believe me, none of these approaches would necessitate the use of a fax machine or some other ridiculous requirement such as paper and toner.

The use of a fax machine is no longer needed thanks to CocoFax. If you use CocoFax, you’ll never need a fax machine again, so if you have one, you can finally get rid of it. 

You get access to a variety of advanced features CocoFax and check GoogleFaxFree official site, including global faxing, long-term capacity, 24×7 uptime, and, of course, the ability to fax to email and email to fax. You can send and receive faxes via email with CocoFax. Your faxes will be sent to your email address alongside your normal emails.

Is it possible to fax directly from email?

Email is a digital interface, while fax is an analog interface. You can’t send faxes directly from your email address. A translator is needed to render these two mediums compatible. The job of a translator is to translate digital documents into analog signals. These signals can then be sent to the recipient’s fax machine over the phone line. Fax messages will be translated to emails and sent to your email address.

Online fax services are the name for this translator. A subscription to one of these services is required.

How does online fax service work?

You’ll need an internet connection, as well as a phone, laptop, or server, and a subscription to use these online fax services. There’s no need for a landline or fax machine. You can get the fax number you need to send or receive faxes online. It’s a whole lot easier to use than a typical fax machine. If both ends are using an email faxing service, you can send several documents at once without thinking about busy lines.

Any service that allows you to send a fax via Gmail and Google Drive is referred to as a Google fax service.

The Most Efficient Way to Send a Fax By Gmail

Sending an email to fax differs from sending an email to email in that you send it to the recipient’s fax number, which is preceded by “,” rather than their email address.

Step 1: To begin, create a CocoFax account. It will just take a few moments. You can enter using any device, such as your phone or computer. You’ll be asked to choose a free fax number during the first part of the sign-up process. No, we’re not joking; you get to pick your own fax number. During this point, make sure to include the email address from which you want to send and receive faxes.

Step 2: We’ve arrived at the stage where we’ll write the actual fax. It’s really similar to sending a text. In your email account, select the “New Email” option.

The “To” area is where you usually write the beneficiary’s email address. The fax number of the recipient is entered here for faxing purposes. The fax ‘subject’ appears as a note at the top of the page. It is optional, so you do not have to provide it.

The email body becomes the cover page for the fax you’re sending. If you don’t know, the spread page is the first page of the fax and is not needed.

Finally, you can fax a variety of archives via email, just as you would with a traditional fax machine. Simply attach the files to be faxed. When you’re done, click “Send.” When the fax is successfully sent to the intended recipient, you will receive confirmation in your inbox. The confirmation will also appear on the CocoFax dashboard, which can be accessed from any web browser.

Receive fax Via Gmail

How will you get a fax sent to your email address? If you’re using CocoFax, it’s actually very easy. Any faxes received at your fax number will be converted to emails and sent to your inbox through CocoFax.

Faxing to email using an online fax service is almost instantaneous. It’s also extremely secure because only you and no one else has access to the fax.


You won’t have to think about fax machines or spending money in their upkeep once you’ve started using CocoFax’s email to fax services. With the support of CocoFax’s online fax services, you can send a fax from your email or receive a fax as an email.

Obtaining a telephone link and demanding fax numbers are no longer possible. Sitting on your sofa, you should submit faxes. On smartphones and iOS tablets, you can also use online faxing.

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